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DrZhark's Mo' Creatures Mod Version 2.12.2
copyright 2011 DrZhark
compatible with minecraft Beta 1.7_3

This mod adds the following custom creatures to Minecraft:
-Lion (plus female lions)
-Polar Bear
-Flame Wraith
-Fire Ogres
-Cave Ogres
-Light Horse
-Brown Horse
-Black Horse
-Pack Horse
-Black Pegasus
-Snow Leopards
-Hell Rats

It also adds the following recipes 

-Horse Saddles:
where L = leather, I = iron ingots

-Hay Stack
where H = hay

-Sugar Lump
Where S = sugar

where C = BigCatClaw, L = leather and I = iron

where L = leather, G = gold and D = diamond

-Medallion (alternative)
where L = leather, G = gold

Where S = silk

-Kitty Bed:
P = wood plank
I = iron ingot
W = Wool (you can use dyed wool as well, it will give you beds of different colors)


-Litter Box:
P = wood plank
S = sand


-Wool Ball:
S= string

s   s

-Pet Food:
any combination of Raw Pork + Raw fish

To install: 
please install Modloader, AudioMod and GUI Api FIRST!!!! and then:

1. Make a backup of your minecraft.jar file
2. locate your .minecraft folder
3. copy the file inside your \.minecraft folder
4. unzip the MoCreatures file inside that folder
5. Play 
6. Beware of the Ogre!
7. punch the sharks in the nose!
8. If a lil' fish looks like a piranha... it's a piranha. They're usually not friendly

Version 2.12.2
-added missing woolball.png file

Version 2.12.1
-fixed bucket duplicating bug while pouring milk on kitty beds
-you can now make kitty beds and litter boxes static by changing a setting in the in-game menu
-mice now spawn on surfaces different than grass
-fixed bug with kitty names not being displayed
-fixed bug with hunters attacking kitty beds
-changed name tag height in the big cats to improve its visibility

Version 2.12
-removed insta-bunny killer while holding a sword
-horse saddles are now stackable
-lil' fish are no longer cannibal
-added option to change the awareness range of the ogres
-you can change the name of tamed dolphins, sharks, kitties, BigCats and horses by using a medallion or a book
-created new submenu in the GUI settings where you can turn on/off the display of name tags, health bars and emoticons
-another improvement on horse riding: now you can use tools, place blocks and pickup items while riding a horse. You can also shoot arrows and use weapons. You can now only dismount a horse by using the sneak key (shift).  Very handy to construct while riding a pegasus!
-Horses will suffer damage from mobs when they have the player as a rider.
-Added Mice: They will run away from everything. You can pick up a mouse by its tail. Mice drop seeds.
-Added Rats: They will attack the player at night or in dark areas, if you attack one rat, all the nearby rats will attack you. They drop coal. Rats can climb walls when chasing the player
-Added Hell Rats: Hell rats are bigger and stronger, they only spawn in the Nether, due to their color, it is not easy to spot them in the Nether. They drop redstone.
-(finally) Added Kitties

Version 2.11.1
-compatible with Minecraft 1.7_03

Version 2.11
-Compatible with Minecraft 1.7_02
-horses will now toggle movement on/off when user right clicks on them while wearing a whip
-Horses can now be roped and towed. You can tow as many horses as you want. You can even tow a horse while flying on a pegasus
-bunnies will become tamed again after lifting them. They will start breeding again. Beware of bunny overpopulation!
-Decreased size of adult deer
-The bags of the packhorse and black pegasi won't be displayed until you give a chest to the horse
-fixed bug with white tiger not showing medallion
-fixed bug with birds not riding minecarts
-fixed bug with horses growing bigger than normal if fed repeatedly
-horses are no longer attacked by Wolves
-horses are also tamed instantly if given a golden apple
-Horses now also accept cake as a breeding food
-Horses won't be attacked by wolves if the player suffers from fall damage.
-Tamed Horses, BigCats, Dolphins and Sharks can now be given a name. To set or change a name, right click on the animal while holding a medallion.  To toggle individual name displays on/off, right click on the animal while holding any pickaxe.

Version 2.10.3
-Fixed spawn rates
-Fixed horses moving when ridden
-Added alternative crafting recipe for medallion
-Increased durability of whip from 16 to 24
-You can now kill the bunny pests by right clicking on any bunny while holding any sword

Version 2.10.2
-Fixed bug with squids not despawning
-It will overwrite the Squids.class file until Mojang implements the bugfix
-Nightmares will no longer burn the player when their special ability is activated
-added a new crafting recipe: Whips
-added a new crafting recipe: medallions
-Fixed bug with promiscuous bunnies. The Great bunny Castration has begun.  You can insta-kill all the bunnies in your world by using a whip on a post sign. It will display the body count.
-Fixed bug with global spawn rates
-To tame a BigCat, you will have to throw pork or fish near a small cub and then put a medallion on it
-Tamed BigCats will no longer fight between themselves
-Tamed BigCats will not destroy drops
-Added sitting stance for BigCats
-Added a way to identify tamed cats with the medallion.
-Added sounds to deers and different sounds for BigCat cubs.
-Added whip to control BigCats and Horses:
-Horses and BigCats will stay put when a whip is used near them (whitin 12 blocks).  Also If you right click on a tamed Horse or BigCat, you can toggle them between moving and staying.

Version 2.10
-fixed bug with snouts being off 1 pixel when rotating head in bigcats, bears and wild wolves.
-fixed wrong sound when lifting a tamed bird
-fixed bug with dolphins and sharks fighting even when the settings were changed in the menu.
-added several new big cats: tigers, cheetahs, snow leopards, panthers. 
-hunters won't attack wolves by default. You can change that setting using the in-game menu.
-Heavy modifications to the BigCat's AI.
-Female lions and Tigers will always attack the player if within range. Male lions, panthers and cheetahs will some times attack the player.
-Wild Cubs will seldomly spawn. If you throw raw pork or raw fish near a small cub, you will tame it and it won't despawn or attack you. Once it grows to adult size, it will fight mobs. Cubs will attack any other animal smaller than themselves. Bigger (almost adult) cubs won't be tamed.
-BigCats will attack only when hungry. They will also eat raw pork or raw fish when hungry.  Once they eat or kill a prey, they'll stop being hungry for a while.
-BigCats of different breeds will fight amongst them.  Bring on the catfight! 
-BigCats will drop BigCat Claws when killed. There is no use for that item yet.

Version 2.9.4
-rewrote horse/dolphin riding code
-fixed bug with fish despawning
-fixed bug with fisheggs/sharkeggs not spawning
-sharkteeth now have a function (for you to find)
-you can pick up tamed birds that can help you glide
-bunnies now have different furs 

Version 2.9.3
-Second attempt to fix the spinning bug
-cave ogres no longer spawn outdoors

version 2.9.2
-fixed horse/dolphin spinning bug
-horses no longer eat stones :)
-reduced default frequency of boars and wild wolves
-fixed fish despawning bug?

Version 2.9.1
-fixed bug with wolf.png file overwritting the original

version 2.9
-Updated to Minecraft 1.5_01
-Adds 10 different small fish, including aggressive piranhas
-Changed spawn control, now the mod uses a 'Frequency' where 0 = spawn deactivated, 1 = very rare spawn and 10 = very common spawn.  You can modify the frequency of each individual mob through the in-game menu
-HorseSaddles can be crafted from a dungeon saddle plus iron (bug fixed)
-fixed bug with sharks dropping stone instead of shark teeth
-Changed ogres' textures. I have included the old ones in case someone still wants to use them.
-this mod no longer requires spawnlist

Version 2.8.1
-fixed bugs: Wraiths with big heads, sharks dropping stone, birds spawning bug, Shark eggs becoming leather, menu text cropped and albino dolphin spawning.

Version 2.8
-Adds dolphins
-fixed bug with hunters attacking horses even after selecting otherwise in the menu settings
-fixed bug with hostile mobs spawning one dificulty level below selected
-fixed deathhorse and deathWerewolf bugs
-improved spawning code, it now uses way less resources (thanks to _303 and Mr_okushama)
-fixed typo in the cave ogre menu
-new recipe: now you can craft a horse saddle from a dungeon saddle + one iron ingot

Regarding the Dolphins:
There are six different kind of dolphins (from common to rare): blue, green, purple, dark, pink and albino. The last two kinds are seen only rarely in the wild. 
Taming dolphins:
You can tame dolphins by feeding them raw fish. the rarer the dolphin, the more raw fish it requires to be tamed. A blue dolphin requires 2 raw fish and an albino dolphin requires 12 raw fish. You can also tame dolphins by riding/breaking them. Rarer dolphins are noticeable faster than common ones. 
Breeding dolphins:
Tamed adult dolphins can breed by feeding them cooked fish and keeping them apart from other creatures in a similar fa...
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