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Greetings Europa Barbarorum fans!

Today, we have a very special announcement for you. The release of a patch for our mod, Europa Barbarorum, for the Rome Total War engine: EB 1.2!

The mod has advanced a very long way from our first beta: EB 0.7.2, more than 2 years from now (here`s the announcement). In retrospective, we can say that we have advanced a very long way, always struggling to create a representation of the ancient world as accurate as it can be, considering the RTW engine's possibilities and limitations.

There are not many major changes in this version. Likewise, there are no new units. Work for EB 2 has already been going on for months, and also all of our modelers and skinners are focused on pumping out EB2 units. The entire team will now focus on our newer version for M2TW. Nevertheless, we will not stop supporting EB1, and there will in all likelihood be some other goodies in the near future too. :eyebrows:

Rather, the scope of this version focuses primarily on bugfixes, among them the total redesign of the Client Ruler system. We also have a new punic voicemod, and the previously released historical battles are also part of this release.

We thank our dedicated (and now almost professional!) betatesters: mcantu, Hax, Thaatu, Ice, Obelics. Their help was absolutely essential in clearing bugs with the Client Ruler system. Special thanks to I Am Here Now, who spotted an unsuspected quantity of spelling mistakes in our descriptions, most of which are now fixed.

We also want to give special thanks to Ken Eckman and Don Johnson, who helped decisively with the recording of our brand new punic voicemod. The Punic voicemod was developed by team effort between Kikosemmek and Shigawire. Shigawire provided the grammar and dictionary books, Kikosemmek did the translations and reconstructions. Abou provided the voice acting talent. Shigawire and Redmeth provided the technical implementation. Special thanks goes to Dr. Charles Krahmalkov for having written the books we used, and for some very informative emails.

We also thank to all the people that have pointed out various bugs and errors in our previous builds. Without their dedicated feedback, we wouldn't have come this far with our mod. A big thanks to you, and we wish you all a very happy play.


A complete list of mirrors can be found on our website's Download section. We strongly recommend people to use BitTorrent to download EB to conserve bandwidth, but also as torrent provides better transfer speeds once a couple of people have downloaded part of it. Please consider seeding EB after downloading unless you pay per amount of traffic. Don`t be a leech!

Currently you can only get EB 1.2 by torrent. More mirrors will be added when they are available.



First make sure you have a clean RTW 1.5 installation on your computer where you have installed EB 1.1, with no submods. This is to make absolutely certain old files or directories won't cause problems for the EB installation.

You should already have a clean 1.5 RTW if you followed the installation guide for 1.1, so even if you have installed submods it should be a simple matter of installing EB 1.1 into a copy of that one. If you don't have this and need to install RTW 1.5 again, you should now make a copy of that clean 1.5 RTW so you have it available for easily making another installation in the future. Then you won't have to install RTW again, but only EB.

If you have Vista, make sure that you have the RTW installation where you add EB outside of Program Files. You may get problems either immediately, or when it's least convenient, if you still install EB under Program Files.

Double-click the EB installer file and follow the instructions on screen. Make sure that you select the RTW folder, IE the one where RomeTW.exe lies under. Also make sure that you remove the boilerplate text that comes after the folder that you choose.

Refer to the installation guide post for more specific instructions and special cases. Refer to the installation validation post if your EB doesn't work after installing.

As always, new versions of EB are not savegame compatible.

Once you have installed v1.2, install the game fixes, found here: 1.2 Fixes you should try before posting. These fixes are a must and may fix game ending bugs. Fixes are updated, so check back later if problems occur.

Changes for 1.2

1.- Client Rulers:

As you may know, the Client Ruler system had various sporadic bugs that included wrong trait assignment, killing of existing family members, clones popping up and more. Those problems couldn`t be fixed with the previous Client Ruler system, so the decision was made to construct an entirely new mechanic for the matter. Now recruitable generals can become either Allied Generals or Client Rulers, depending on whether they stay during their first turn in their city or are moved into the field after being created.

So, if we create a type 4 government, we gain the possibility of recruiting a general:

In the example, we are going to recruit a hellenistic client ruler, with a hellenistic bodyguard. There are also other bodyguards, and the type of bodyguards available depends of the culture of the settlement that`s recruiting the general.

At this point, we can take two paths:

1o) Make him a Client ruler, to govern allied settlements in your place. This is done by leaving your recruited general into the settlement. Take for example our good fellow Pefkolaos:

We can leave him into the city, so that he becomes a client ruler... subject to our will!

But beware of moving him to a non-allied settlement. As before, by taking him out and making him governor of a Type I - II or III governed city, you risk making him into an impostor.

Also as before, remember not to enter allied settlements with your family members. This is meddling with domestic affairs, which will generate negative traits on the family members that poke their noses on allied poleis. In addition, it will cause unrest, as you make clear that the allied settlement is not really independent, and that the client ruler is a mere puppet of your basileos!

2o. Make him a non-family-member General. That`s done by moving him out of the city on the first turn after being recruited. Thus, Neoptolemos will end up commanding client armies rather than governing cities.

As with client rulers, allied generals will gain negative effects if they are instated as governors in non-allied provinces.

2.- New Punic voicemod:

Our voicemod translators and actors have performed an enormous feat: to bring you the punic voicemod. An huge amount of work has been put into this feature, which combines the labour of translators, voice actors, coders etc.

3o Additional changes:

* Inclusion of the previously released historical battles of Ipsos, Panion, Magnesia, Raphia, River Areios
* Addition of battle defeat theme.
* A multitude of corrections of Sweboz unit and building names.
* Correction of various proto Balto-Slavic names.
* Various corrections of Romanii trait names.
* Relocation of strategy map docks, to better correspond with historic locations of important ports.
* Fixed spamming of Sweboz reform markers.
* Removed duplicated medininkas mercenary archers.
* Saka can now build blacksmith, mines and receive benefits of high level ports.
* Nomads can now recruit diplomats from higher levels of core building.
* Adjustments of law bonus for nomad core buildings.
* Added many short descriptions for pontos.
* Fixed CTD when choosing fate of a newly conquered settlement (if Lusted's theory is correct).
* Corrected and refined unit placement.
* Added multiplayer component.
* Fixed a bug in the cumulative wins/losses triggers, thanks Tollheit!
* Correction of the UI of the Lonchophoroi.
* Correction of the Mercenary recruitment
* Corrected Lusotannan animosity. Now they want to kick Carthaginean butts, instead of Pontic.
* Fixed celtic reform markers.
* Year In History text changes for 264 and 263 BC.
EBII Mod Leader

 Greetings Europa Barbarorum fans.

Again an update on EB, voted the "Favourite RTW mod". The changes in this version may be fewer and less extensive than what you have become accustomed to when there is a release of EB, but we still believe there will be something new that everyone will enjoy.

Probably, there won't be many new features in future versions of EB1. We will continue making voice mods, which will be used in both EB1 and EB2, and fixing bugs as they get reported. But most of our efforts will now go to getting EB2 to a playable state. We have vacuumed the mod communities for great artists to take advantage of the options M2TW offers us, so you can expect fantastic improvements there!

Instructions on downloading and installing as well as Download links will follow and further down is a list of the major additions and changes to Europa Barbarorum. Note that you may have to download a video codec to see the EB intro movies.

Many people outside EB deserve a big "Thank You!" for helping us out, particularly the beta testers who have been a great help in spotting and killing bugs. Our beta testers for this round have been Hax, Konny, Mcantu, MiniMe, Obelics, Sassem, Stone and Blood, Taliferno and Wolfman25. Also they have come up with suggestions and done some work for us, particularly Sassem's work on the resources and disasters requires a commendation.

Some of the new units (Orditon, Nuraghi and Liby-Phoenician) would not have been made without the help of Haile Satanus. Many apologies for forgetting about you at first.

As for new music, we would like to thank Musica Romana for graciously allowing ...
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