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contributing writers
Ruud van Doorn
Ruud van Doorn is a very young and skilled
freelance retoucher from The Netherlands. His
profession is in beauty and fashion retouching.
He has already provided a contribution at a Chanel
campaign for Neiman Marcus.
Hal Schmitt
Hal Schmitt is the Director and Lead Instructor of
LIGHT Photographic Workshops (formerly The Lepp
Institute.) Hal instructs all levels of photography
and digital imaging in California and around the
world. He is a former FA-18 pilot and two-time TOP-
GUN instructor.
Christina Kline
Christina Kline is a 24 year-old graduate student
pursuing a Master’s degree in Community Counsel-
ing in Erie, Pennsylvania. She is a self-taught Pho-
toshop user and enjoys manipulating and restoring
photos in her free time.
Andrew Morris
I got my hands on an ‘Elements’ edition of Photo-
shop after leaving secondary school. Since then
I’ve taught myself basically everything I know about
Photoshop. I’ve just graduated from a Bachelors
degree in Graphic Design, and am now looking to get
into the video games industry as a concept artist/
storyboard artist.
Alexandra Vlase
After inishing high school I followed my early born
passion for history and inished the History,Archives
and Museology section at the Spiru Haret University.
My passion for Photoshop started a few years back.
Since then I’ve been working on perfecting my skills.
Oana Cambrea
Works mainly in Photoshop, she uses the effect
of strange igures and strong contrasts to create
her artwork. The characters usually come to life
from photos of human models. Currently, working
as a graphic designer at an advertising agency in
Faisal Roslie
I am someone who express my thoughts and feel-
ings through art. I am a student by day and an art-
ist by night. I prefer letting my mind speak because
I am weaker with words, my artwork is the best
representation of who and what I am.
Sven Barucha
Started Graphic Design a few years ago with
a three-year apprenticeship in media design
and prepress. Mainly worked in postproduction
and retouching section. Currently he switched
to advertising and now is junior art director in
an ad-agency in Stuttgart. ,
Benjamin Delacour
Has been a computer graphic for 10 years now.
Fascinated by the design and photos retouching.
Benjamin is also a big Photoshop fan.
Debora Tosetti
Debora Tosetti is 25 years old freelancer designer
and an Art School student. Since 2002 she has been
playing with Adobe Photoshop since today. Debora
lives in Sao Paulo - Brazil, where she loves retouch-
ing photos for clients all over the world.
T. Michael Testi
T. Michael Testi is an IT Director, web designer,
writer, painter, and photographer. When he is not
reviewing products for the graphics imaging com-
munity and software design community, he photo-
graphs people, places, and landscapes.
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Oana Cambrea 54
Alexandra Vlase 60
cover artist
Professional Fashion Retouch
Ruud van Doorn
photo restoring
Old Photo Restoration
Andrew Morris
beauty retouch
Powdery Skin
Sven Barucha
Restoring Memories
Christina Kline
Don’t Know Much About
History (Brush That Is)
Hal Schmitt
Benjamin Delacour 24
Golden Retouch
Sven Barucha
action retouch
Bike Cross Retouch
Debora Tosetti
Key Editors
Photoshop Retouch Team
T. Michael Testi
Skateboarding Typography
Faisal Roslie
OneOne Software
T. Michael Testi
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