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The Penguin Book of Card Games
A former language-teacher and technical journalist, David Parlett
began freelancing in 1975 as a games inventor and author of books
on games, a field in which he has built up an impressive
international reputation. He is an accredited consultant on gaming
terminology to the Oxford English Dictionary and regularly advises
on the staging of card games in films and television productions.
His many books include The Oxford History of Board Games, The
Oxford History of Card Games, The Penguin Book of Word Games,
The Penguin Book of Card Games and the The Penguin Book of
Patience. His board game Hare and Tortoise has been in print since
1974, was the first ever winner of the prestigious German Game of
the Year Award in 1979, and has recently appeared in a new
edition. His website at
is a rich source of
information about games and other interests. David Parlett is a
native of south London, where he still resides with his wife Barbara.
The Penguin Book of
Card Games
David Parlett
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