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Digital Historical Documents
by William Wilson
The following document is a digital copy of an existing historical document or manuscript. This
document has been laboriously scanned and converted into Portable Document Format (PDF) for
the purpose of making it publicly available to the Historical Re-enactment community at large.
Please feel free to distribute unaltered copies of this document via electronic means. Do not
profit from these documents however, note the copyright for this digital transcription:
Digital Transcription Copyright 1999, William E. Wilson
Document Format
For these digital facsimiles, I try to work from the clearest and best sources available to me at the
time. Generally these documents are scanned on a flatbed scanner and then the individual pages
are assembled using Acrobat to create the PDF files. PDF was chosen because of the freely
available reader and its compressed format made it ideal for Internet distribution.
Further Information…
I have placed a number of transcriptions and translations on the Web. You may find these
documents off of my Elizabethan Fencing web page at:
If you wish to contact me you may send me a note at .
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