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Formula BMW
Drivin Pleasure
ForMula BMW talent cuP 2012.
Face the challenge.
ForeWorD BY BMW MotorSPort
DIrector MarIo theISSen.
Dear motorsport friends,
In doing so, we are positioning ourselves bet-
ween karting and professional motorsport, one
step earlier than the previous Formula BMW
concept. This information will allow you to i nd
out everything you need to know about this new
training platform. We are focussing on driving
practice and overall driver training, in order to
prepare the youngsters as well as possible for
their future career.
The promotion of junior racing drivers has
always been close to our hearts. The fact that
ten graduates of our Formula BMW series lined
up in Formula One in 2011 alone is remarkable
proof of this fact.
The most impressive evidence of what the
right kind of promotion can lead to is Sebastian
Vettel, who walked away with the world cham-
pionship title at the end of the 2010 season.
Since 2011, we have also been repositioning
our junior promotion as part of the strategic
realignment of our commitment to motorsport.
The most talented junior at the end of the one-
year training course wins a season in the ATS
Formula 3 Cup, sponsored by BMW. This way
we are making another valuable contribution to
ensuring that the careers of talented juniors are
on the right track from the very beginning.
The training of talented juniors is of great im-
portance to our company. Since 2011 we have
been introducing the junior promotion even
earlier. We offer young drivers aged 14 and
above an attractive and cost-efi cient stage for
the next step of their career: the Formula BMW
Talent Cup.
Yours sincerely
Mario Theissen
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SucceSSFul JunIorS arounD the WorlD.
For more than two decades, Formula
BMW has been providing competitors
from around the world with the neces-
sary training to survive in international
Perfect training for the champions of
a tradition of promoting juniors.
It very quickly became clear that anyone
learning their trade in Formula BMW is well
equipped to succeed and progress to For-
mula One. In 1994 Ralf Schumacher i nished
second overall in Formula Junior. Alongside
the German, the 2001 champion, Timo Glock,
also made the step up to motorsport’s elite
class. After Nico Rosberg and Maximilian Götz,
Sebastian Vettel won the title in 2004 – and
with a virtually perfect record for the season.
He won 18 of the 20 races and started from
pole position on 14 occasions.
Even in the Formula Two junior league the
powerful BMW four-cylinder engine supplies
numerous youngsters with the power required
to compete for titles right up to the European
no less than ten current Formula one
drivers learned their trade in the BMW
Motorsport racing school.
After intensive preparations, the joint promoti-
on of talented drivers between BMW and the
largest German car association, ADAC, was
launched in 1991.
Over 70 young drivers moved on from Formula
BMW to the next level: Formula 3. In 2010,
graduates of the junior series set the pace
in the GP3 series. Former Formula BMW
drivers also became race winners in the GP2
championship, in the form of Fabio Leimer and
Stefano Coletti.
After the introduction of the “new” Formula
BMW series, BMW stepped up production in
its talent factory in 2002.
Vettel and Rosberg progressed to Formula
One, as did Sébastien Buemi, Nicolas Hülken-
berg, Bruno Senna and Adrian Sutil.
Formula BMW alumni are also enjoying
success in the USA: in 2008, Graham Rahal
became the youngest driver of all time to win a
round of the IndyCar series. Simona de Silve-
stro also lines up alongside the 21-year-old in
this popular series.
Past Formula BMW drivers have not only
made a lasting impression in single-seater
racing. Drivers like Maro Engel and Christian
Bakkerud (DTM), Natacha Gachnang (GT1),
Rene Rast (Porsche Supercup) and Marco
Holzer (winner of the 24h Dubai 2010) are
among the next big hopes for touring cars and
sports cars. Tommy Milner was a member of
the BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team in the
American Le Mans Series in 2010.
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talent FactorY For toMorroW‘S
From 2011, the Formula BMW talent
cup has continued the established trai-
ning of talented young drivers both on
and off the track in a complete education
It also offers the young drivers many set-up
options, which they will continue to come
across throughout their career.
While the one-year training programme begins
with simple driving exercises, the participants’
tasks increase in complexity over the course
of the season until they must ultimately prove
themselves in a race situation. At the end of
the year, the juniors are perfectly prepared for
the i nale, which shares the bill with a renow-
ned motorsport event.
The Formula BMW Talent Cup also offers all
participants an excellent cost/performance
ratio. As well as the theory courses and race
events, the price includes accident insurance
(with excess) and a set of Formula BMW team
and driver clothing.
From theoretical approach to intensive test
drives and races, the newcomers to single
seater-racing, aged 14 and above, are taught
everything they need to transform them into
competitive racing drivers. At the end of the
one-year programme, BMW Motorsport
sponsors the winner of the Formula BMW
Talent Cup for the following season in the ATS
talent is what counts.
closer to the limit with every lesson.
The name says it all: talent alone is what
counts in the end. That is why BMW Motor-
sport organises a trial ahead of the start of the
season, in which drivers can present them-
selves to the instructors. The winner of this
trial can participate in the 2012 Formula BMW
Talent Cup free of charge. BMW will sponsor
the winner of the Formula BMW Talent Cup
for the complete 2013 season in the ATS
Internationally respected experts provide the
participants with essential know-how in the
areas of car set-up, data analysis, technical
understanding, i tness, sponsorship and media
work. BMW works drivers and experienced
instructors prepare the young drivers perfect-
ly for their outings. Whether on the track or
at special theory events: the Formula BMW
Talent Cup participants are always in good
Within the framework of about ten events per
season, at which approximately 12 races will
be contested, the youngsters complete about
100 hours on the track, giving them more than
enough driving practice. The car employed
by BMW Motorsport for all participants is
the FB02, which has proven itself in Formula
BMW as both a safe and high-performance
The talented youngsters are introduced to
single-seater racing step by step. The personal
development of every single participant is at
the centre of this concept.
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IngreDIentS For a PerFect PreParatIon.
the Formula BMW talent cup is a com-
plete education programme.
car set-up.
training programme.
It allows drivers to further educate them-
selves on theory courses and in practical
exercises on the track.
Provided by BMW Motorsport, the FB02 al-
lows the drivers to familiarise themselves with
the fundamentals of set-up work. The variable
parameters include front and rear-wing set-up,
suspension selection, damper set-up (pressu-
re and traction levels), selection of transmis-
sion ratio, and the suspension set-up (ground
clearance, drop, caster).
Good starts can be achieved through practi-
ce: that is why the Formula BMW Talent Cup
training programme pays particular attention
to this crucial phase of the race. The drivers
learn how fast reaction times can pave the way
to victory, despite the enormous tension at the
Physical itness is essential in order to be
able to give everything over the entire race
distance. For that reason, the youngsters are
given expert assistance from itness partner
Sense to create an individual training plan
for a season and ind the most appropriate,
individual exercises. This also incorporates
mental training from Prof. Dieter Hackfort. Only
those lining up with a healthy self-conidence
are in with a chance of winning. The training
programme is rounded off away from the
racetrack in the irst tests in a professional race
simulator, which records and analyses such
aspects as how the driver responds under
Anyone graduating successfully from the
Formula BMW Talent Cup is well prepared for
their further career in all kinds of professional
motorsport. Participants can expect a com-
prehensive curriculum, which includes the
following content:
Qualifying and race simulations.
The young drivers can apply everything they
have learned on the many theory courses in
qualifying and race simulations. From maxi-
mum concentration on the crucial qualifying
lap, to the perfect rhythm during the race: the
focus here is on practice.
This section of the programme allows the
participants to discover how the FB02 reacts
in different situations. They familiarise them-
selves with understeer and oversteer, learn
the special demands of driving on a wet track,
and are trained to identify the racing line by
professional racing drivers like Pat Blakeney
and BMW works driver Dirk Adorf.
Data analysis.
Sponsorship management, media and
Pr training.
long runs.
In modern motorsport, you need more than
just natural talent to be quick. The drivers
must be able to give their engineers detailed
feedback and use data analysis to draw
conclusions regarding their driving. A team of
experienced data engineers, led by Technical
Manager Albert Hamper, gives every driver
individual feedback on their car data after each
In motorsport, the drivers’ behaviour is not only
important on the track, but also off it. Here,
the participants at the Formula BMW Talent
Cup are given useful tips regarding how to
deal with sponsors and partners. Furthermore,
they are advised how to use the media to their
advantage and establish a positive image.
Among other things, this is achieved within
the framework of a media cooperation with
How do tyres change over the course of an
entire race? How must a driver pace himself?
Formula BMW Talent Cup participants learn all
this when they head out onto the track for so-
called long runs. Engineers from tyre partner
Michelin then provide detailed feedback.
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