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Driving Pleasure
BMW EfficientDynamics
Less emissions. More driving pleas ure.
International version. Please contact your local dealer for country speci c information.
Can a vehicle become ever-more ef cient while becoming increasingly dynamic at the same time? Yes it can. The BMW ActiveHybrid delivers the proof. With its
intelligent drive concept, the rst full hybrid BMW saloon presents the next BMW ActiveHybrid generation. The BMW ActiveHybrid , with its superior agility and unique
design, offers the perfect combination of dynamism and elegance. This third BMW ActiveHybrid model, which draws on experience gained from the previously launched
BMW ActiveHybrid and BMW ActiveHybrid X , also delivers optimised performance through Intelligent Energy Management. Purely electric driving for considerable
distances (silent gliding with the combustion engine switched off), and even more intense acceleration thanks to the Boost function all ensure an entirely new driving
experience. Indeed, developments in the BMW ActiveHybrid – in tandem with BMW Ef cientDynamics measures – signify another stride into the future by substantially
reducing fuel consumption and CO emissions – and palpably improving driving pleasure.
In the BMW ActiveHybrid , united performance means increased efficiency. For the first time, the interplay of all hybrid components is controlled by the Intelligent
Energy Management system and individually calculated for every journey. The latest technology makes it possible to drive using only electric power for km at
up to km/h. Additionally, the combination of the electric motor and the BMW TwinPower Turbo inline -cylinder petrol engine offers typical BMW driving dynamics,
while fuel consumption and emissions also impress. For a high system output of kW ( hp), the car consumes, on average, just . . litres per km and
emits g of CO per kilometre . In short, the BMW ActiveHybrid is an outstanding example of how you can continue enjoying driving pleasure to the full well
into the future.
1 Fuel consumption and CO emissions vary according to the wheel and tyre sizes selected.
. Auxiliary climate control
Power Steering
Hybrid Start/Stop function
. Lithium-ion high-
performance battery
Brake energy
. Steptronic -speed
automatic transmission
Reduced rolling-
resistance tyres
BMW TwinPower Turbo
inline -cylinder petrol engine
Air vent control
. Electric motor
. Electric motor. Situated between the combustion engine and
the gearbox, the kW motor supplies enough power for purely
electric driving and supports acceleration with the Boost function.
This provides a noticeable increase in dynamics and reduces fuel
consumption and emissions. Homezone: when navigation is active,
the high-performance battery in the car is charged, so you can drive
purely on electric power when you are within your Homezone.
The BMW ActiveHybrid is the first of the
BMW hybrids with a B M W Tw i n Power
Turbo inline -cylinder petrol engine.
This, in combination with the electric motor,
achieves maximum dynamics with markedly
reduced fuel consumption. In addition, the
following features provide increased efficiency:
-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox,
hybrid Start/Stop function, air vent
control, Electric Power Steering and
reduced rolling resistance tyres. All these
BMW EfficientDynamics measures contribute
to double-figure percentage savings in fuel
consumption while, at the same time, ensuring
the typical BMW driving experience.
Accelerating ef ciency. With the Boost
function, the powerful interplay of the two
power units delivers impressive results during
acceleration and overtaking. In these cases,
the increased output required of the electric
motor is achieved by sourcing stored energy
created by the brake energy regeneration
More ef ciency through Intelligent Energy Management. With
the help of the navigation system, optimum use can be made of the
vehicle’s momentum. When the lithium-ion high-performance battery
is charged, the electric motor supports the engine on uphill sections.
Going downhill, however, the high-performance battery is automatically
charged again.
ECO-PRO mode is activated via the Driving
Experience Control function. When the
driver takes his foot off the accelerator when
ECO-PRO is on, the engine switches off and
the gearbox connection is disengaged, allowing
the BMW to glide noiselessly at up to km/h.
If the mode is not activated, the car will coast
at a speed of up to km/h.
The aluminium door sills with “ActiveHybrid
lettering mark the entrance to a particularly
elegant interior with a high standard of
. Lithium-ion high-performance battery. For maximum ef ciency,
the lithium-ion high-performance battery supplies energy to drive the
BMW ActiveHybrid purely electrically. This innovative battery is charged
on every journey and is also linked to the brake energy regeneration
system as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator.
. Auxiliary climate control. With this system, the BMW ActiveHybrid
can be cooled by the air conditioning several minutes before people get
in to the car. This is done by the electric climate compressor and without
using fuel. Auxiliary climate control can be remotely activated simply by
using the car key.
Brake energy regeneration.
On braking, kinetic energy is
converted into electrical energy
and stored in the lithium-ion
high-performance battery.
Electric driving. The kW
electric motor enables purely
electric driving over long distances.
. -speed automatic transmission Steptronic. Not only does this
ensure fast gear changes without loss of traction, thanks to automatic
coupling, the -speed Steptronic gearbox also regulates interaction
between the combustion engine and the electric motor. Additionally,
and in combination with the hybrid Start/Stop function, it makes a
considerable contribution to reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
Boost function. When needed,
drive power of the inline -cylinder
engine is supplemented by
energy from the electric motor,
increasing total power output for
short periods. One advantage
of this technology is a strong,
spontaneous surge in power.
Energy consumption history.
The use of electric energy during
the last minutes of driving is
shown in a bar chart. The longer
the bar, the higher the use of the
hybrid system and the greater the
fuel savings.
BMW EfficientDynamics
Less emissions. More driving pleasure.
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Driving Pleasure
This yer describes the models, features and con guration options (standard and
optional) available in vehicles delivered by BMW AG for the German market. In other
EU countries, there may be deviations from the features and con guration options
described in this yer, in terms of the standard and optional equipment of the
individual models. To nd out more about the different country versions on offer,
please consult your local BMW dealer. Design and equipment subject to change.
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