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More about BMW
BMW Security
The Ultimate
Driving Machine
X5 4.4i
The Ultimate
Driving Machine
High power, low consumption.
BMW Engineered Mobile Security.
Any situation – any terrain. The BMW X5 Security.
New V8 petrol engine with VALVETRONIC.
For BMW, personal protection from criminal attack has absolute
priority, no matter what the situation. The BMW X5 Security pro-
vides you with all the benefits of a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV),
coupled with the very latest security technology. Its passenger
cell will protect you and your family from many kinds of violent
crime – whether robbery, kidnapping or carjacking. You will feel
safer than ever before, wherever you might be.
Equally important is that you get an absolutely genuine BMW – with
virtually the same dynamic performance, the same level of comfort
and the same balanced handling, as in the series model. Only a few
additional equipment features indicate that a special degree of
safety has been built in.
At the heart of the X5 Security is a new, highly efficient BMW V8 petrol engine. It uses less fuel than
its predecessor while providing even greater power and torque, leading to a considerable increase in
The BMW X5 Security with 4.4 litre VALVETRONIC produces the same 235 kW / 320 bhp as the
standard model and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 7.8 seconds, thus delivering performance very
close to the impressive levels of the standard model.
You don’t have to adapt your driving style to the X5 Security – its
neutral, secure driving characteristic is almost identical to that of
the standard X5. Its special armour (safety class B4) is extremely
difficult, even for trained eyes, to spot from the outside. The result
is an exceptionally discrete blend of security and driving pleasure.
All Security vehicles are developed and produced exclusively by
BMW. This not only guarantees high quality, however also ensures
complete support thanks to the worldwide BMW dealer and service
The trademark BMW dynamics and excellent handling are almost completely unaffected by the security
modifications, enabling all the performance and poise expected of a premium Sports Activity Vehicle.
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Others add security to cars.
BMW installs security right from the start.
BMW has been developing and manufacturing Security vehicles for
over 30 years. This wealth of experience guarantees fully developed
solutions for all models – ranging from the BMW 3 Series Security
(safety class B4), the BMW X5 Security (safety class B4) right up to
the BMW 7 Series High Security (safety class B6/B7).
The restraint systems and other safety features have also been
modified. Integrating protection components has another
advantage due to the fact that changes in the bodywork are
not visible from the outside. The BMW X5 Security can hardly be
distinguished from a standard model of the BMW X5.
Each BMW Security model represents a balanced whole.
All protection materials are integrated into the bodywork.
The BMW X5 Security offers tested security against robbery, kidnapping,
car jacking or other violent attacks with handguns or assault weapons
(safety class B4). The technical components are already adjusted to the
additional parts and reinforced accordingly during production.
Nothing of this can be seen – a shock effect for possible assailants.
The decisive factor is that the vehicles are adjusted to the additional
protection components from the very beginning. For instance the
chassis of the BMW X5 Security has been modified in line with the
increased weight in order to ensure safe driving characteristics.
The result is a professional security cell on wheels –
completely protected and yet totally unobtrusive.
1 Glass
The BMW X5 Security has 20 mm thick
safety glass all round, coated with polycar-
bonate which acts as splinter protection for
the passenger cell. This reinforced material
protects the passengers against violence
perpetrated with assault weapons and is
bullet resistant up to a calibre of .44 Magnum.
The Run-Flat tyres (fitted as standard)
ensure that the tyre remains fully functional
in the event of loss of pressure and indeed
even if all pressure is lost. The vehicle can
be driven approximately a further 50 km up
to a maximum speed of 80 km/h.
3Overlapping gaps
The complete-protection passenger cell
is provided with a sealed covering,
effectively preventing bullets or projectiles
from penetrating the passenger compart-
ment in critical areas – such as door gaps
and overlapping points in the pillars.
4 Chassis
The springs and shock absorbers of all
BMW Security models are adapted to
allow for the increased vehicle weight.
The safe and constantly predictable
driving characteristics are still retained
after this modification.
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Officially inspected and certified: safety class B4.
The inspection and certification of the entire vehicle is carried
out by the State Ballistic Authority in Munich in accordance
with the Euro standard DIN 1063 and DIN 1522/23-1 under
the BRV1999 guidelines for the testing and certification of
“bullet-resistant vehicles” for passenger cars and other vehicles.
The entire passenger cell of the X5 Security is bullet resistant
and thus protects you against bullets up to calibre .44 Magnum.
This is ensured by moulds and plates consisting of special
heavy-duty material: side areas, roof, pillars and door trim panels,
front foot area and the rear area are reinforced with this material.
In some sections it is supplemented by ballistic resistant steel.
The standard tyres with “Run-Flat” functionality allow you to
cover a distance of approximately 50 km fully loaded even in an
upressurized state. Safe driving characteristics are guaranteed
up to a maximum speed of 80 km/h. The tyre-pressure control,
which is also standard, indicates any loss of pressure by means
of a warning light and acoustic signal so you can adjust your
driving style in good time.
1 Gun H&K P9S
Calibre 9 x 19
2Revolver Colt 6 inch
Calibre .357 Magnum
This safety benefit means that you can continue driving after the
tyres have been shot at, after driving over sharp objects or at
danger points such as traffic lights, narrow places, construction
sites or in tunnels. The tyre change can wait until you are out
of danger.
1 Conventional rim/tyre combination after a puncture:
no runflat properties
2 RSC/EH2 rim/tyre combination after a puncture:
with runflat properties
3Revolver S &W 8 inch
Calibre .44 Ma gnum
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xDrive – the new intelligent all-wheel drive from BMW.
With xDrive, BMW presents a revolutionary new generation of all-wheel drive technology.
xDrive recognises unstable vehicle conditions via DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) sensors and responds in a fraction of a second.
The system variably distributes torque between the front and rear axles, ensuring that the wheels with greater traction always receive
optimal levels of torque.
Vehicle with xDrive:
Driving dynamics in a vehicle with xDrive (black) and without xDrive (grey).
Power distribution in normal straight driving
When driving over, say, a stretch of ice,
xDrive feeds power to the axle with superior
This allows xDrive to convey the full power of
the engine to the road and other surfaces at
all times.
You still have enough power even if only one
wheel has grip on the surface.
When oversteering the vehicle without
xDrive (grey) will swerve round at the rear.
The vehicle with xDrive (black) remains easy
to control and responds to the steering
thanks to variable power distribution.
Vehicle with conventional four-wheel drive:
When understeering the vehicle without xDrive
(grey) “pushes” over its front wheels to the outer
edge of the bend. A vehicle with xDrive (black), on the
other hand, distributes power variably between the
axles and thus remains stable in the same situation.
Distribution of power is always the same on a
vehicle with conventional fuor-wheel drive.
Again when driving over, say, a slab of ice, all
the power going to the axle without traction is
Should the worst come to the worst, this
means that only 40 per cent of the engine
power is conveyed to the road.
And if only one wheel has grip in such a
situation, the power transmitted by the axle
is halved once again.
to start on slippery road surfaces and on steep gradients without
any problems. The wheels don’t spin and the vehicle remains
stable on the road. The result is not only increased comfort, but
also the secure knowledge that the vehicle will always perform with
confidence, even on extremely steep gradients in wintry conditions
or in emergency situations. The BMW X5 Security thus offers
excellent driving characteristics on all types of road surfaces under
all conditions.
Safe, neutral handling on bends.
xDrive also improves safety in the BMW X5 Security. The system
recognises imminent oversteer and understeer before they
occur, and redistributes torque (onto the rear axle in the case of
understeer; onto the front axle in the case of oversteer) to keep the
BMW X5 stable and easy to steer on bends. Within physical limits,
the vehicle rigorously follows the course set by the driver, with much
less frequent need to engage control systems such as DSC.
This impeccable handling behaviour is also evident at low speeds.
To r que distribution between front and rear axles takes place more or
less instantaneously, leading to very high levels of agility in twisting
bends and enhanced manoeuvrability in multi-storey car parks, for
Excellent traction on slippery surfaces.
In vehicles with conventional four-wheel drive, distribution of torque
between the axles is fixed, for example 60:40. If one axle is over a
slippery surface, the torque delivered to it is lost in wheelspin.
With xDrive the power distribution is variable, so torque is distrib-
uted onto the axle with better grip. Additionally, if the wheels of one
axle are rotating at different speeds, the faster wheel is braked using
DSC. Thanks to this improved traction, the BMW X5 Security is able
Intelligent technology renders low-ratio gearbox
With its variable distribution of power, xDrive guarantees exceptional
traction even in hill ascents over difficult terrain.
The BMW X5 Security also masters steep descents without danger
thanks to Hill Descent Control (HDC). With xDrive and HDC, the
BMW X5 Security attains such good driving characteristics, even
on slippery roads and paths, that an additional low-ratio gearbox –
with its disadvantages of increased weight and fuel consumption –
is redundant.
Marked increase in agility.
xDrive actively manages driving agility, thereby continuously
ensuring optimal traction and roadholding as well as safe, precise
vehicle behaviour in every situation. xDrive operates proactively,
eliminating unstable driving situations before they occur and
preventing wheelspin. This outstanding dynamism adds yet more
to the feeling of sheer driving pleasure.
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