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Hinduism and Modernity
Hinduism and Modernity
David Smith
Hinduism and Modernity
Series Editors : Paul Heelas and Linda Woodhead, University of Lancaster
Editorial Adviser : David Martin, Emeritus Professor, London School of
Founding Editors : John Clayton, University of Boston , and Ninian Smart,
formerly University of California – Santa Barbara
The Religion in the Modern World series makes accessible to a wide audience
some of the most important work in the study of religion today. The series
invites leading scholars to present clear and non-technical contributions to
contemporary thinking about religion in the modern world. Although the
series is geared primarily to the needs of college and university students, the
volumes in Religion in the Modern World will prove invaluable to readers
with some background in Religious Studies who wish to keep up with recent
thinking in the subject, as well as to the general reader who is seeking to learn
more about the transformations of religion in our time.
Don Cupitt – Mysticism After Modernity
Paul Heelas, with the assistance of David Martin and Paul Morris –
Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity
Linda Woodhead and Paul Heelas – Religion in Modern Times
David Martin – Pentecostalism: The World Their Parish
Steve Bruce – God is Dead
David Smith – Hinduism and Modernity
Juan Campo – Pilgrimages in Modernity
Bronislaw Szerszynski – The Sacralization of Nature: Nature and the Sacred
in the Global Age
Peter Berger – Questions of Faith
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