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Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Ave.
Los Angeles, Calif.
Dates: July 14-20
A drnission Free.
No Co8lections.
Rooms for assembly delegates may be listed with:
Watehtower Convenfion, 5921 Eeko St., kss Angeles, Calif. 90042
Phone: (Area code 213) 254-3044
For details about the assembly and the organization that is sponsoring it, read:
Assemblies That Are Delightfully Different
Special Features of This Assembly
Largest Rooming Hun) in History!
People Who Really Believe the Bible
The World Headquarters
Here Are the Assembly Cities
Published by: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.
Printed in U.S.A.
The Program
assenibly that is coming to 1 ~artvattended an assemblv of
your ciiy. The delegates Xo it
not only practice peace them-
selves but foresee from Bible
prophecy peace on earth world
wide in the near future.
witnesses. ,Thez have the right
way and make* Sense."
A news reporter who walked
about the grounds of this as-
sembly wrote in his paper:
"Therr are no parades, no ban-
ners. There were onl$ persons,
young and old, quietly trying to
better themselves in the pyes of
God. To one walking around the
Fairgrounds during the evening
program it was a cross-section
of America. There were teen-
agers with neat haircuts, matrons
with three or four children in
tow, men in working clothes and
ie1l&ah3s witnesses in that Goun-
try to write down anything that
might be said against his party.
He heard nothing of that na-
ture. In fact, he was so aston-
ished at what he heard and at
Where will these assemblies
be held? They will be held in
twentv-f ive ~rinci~al
others in well tailored suits. . . .
One of the most striking fea-
tures was the good behavior of
the children."
Thus these persons were im-
pressed with what they saw at
an assembly of Jehovah's wit-
nesses. If you attend one this
year you also will End it to be
refreshingly different from the
usual run of conventions.
ale all
international assemblies. And
you are invited to attend. But
what will you see and hear
that will make them delightful-
ly different ?
A businessman who was shown
around the convention grounds
at Allentown, Pennsylvania, in
1967, was so impressed that he
promptly phoned ,a friend in a
nearby TV station and said : "In-
stead of the newspapers and TV
their time showing news
of war< robberies, rape, and so
Expressions from Outsiders
forth, they should come here to
Allentown and see Jehovah's
outsiders, public officials, news
reporters and others who have
found these assemblies to be de-
lightfully different.
When city officials toured the
convention facilities used by Je-
hovah's witnesses in Pasadena,
California; in 1963, their espres-
sions were : "Amaaing !" "DZar-
velous!" "Never saw anything
like it in my life!" A person at
City Hall said: "It is amazing
to have more than 100,000 visi-
tors in a city for niore than a
week and not one incident from
the group to be reported to the
In Oxford, England, a stadium
official said: "I'm amazed to see
a happy spirit and willing co-
operation between all your work-
ers and especially when they are
not being paid for what they
are doine." In Zambia. Africa.
a secretary of a local ' political
Live dramas of Bible events are part of the program
"Peace on earth!" Who would not like to see that? You
yourself can see a foregleam of that very thing during a week
immediately ahead. Horn so? Because you are invited to the
"Peace on Earth" Christian
finding that there mas no bad
language and no that he
began studying the Bible with
the Witnesses.
around the woGd. ~ce~
senlbl~ such an imWet on thing in it for' evergoneyo~lng
him that he came back for every people, adults, single persons
session. Another lnan who at- and married persons. It strength-
tended the Allentown assembly ens their faith, helps them to
was so amazed at what he saw cope with personal problems and
and heard that he arranged to temptations. In 1968, there \\*as
attend another assembly of Je- a tv70-hourdrama entitled "'What
hovah,s witnesses held two weeks Young Folks Are Doing in the
later in Trenton,
held in that city. The as-
The program always t~as
'Ilinistry." With a cast of about
thirty characters it frankly and
He "This has to be dramatically portrayed the prob-
vah's organization ; I've been in lems facing modern-day Chris.
the world, and from what I see
Jehovah's witnesses are a mir- counsel for them.
The assembly progra~nusually
begins each day in the afternoon
me Prograna
At all assemblies of Jehovah's
witnesses, the program is dif-
ferent every day. There is vari-
ety in the progra:n, Bible talks
being iilterspersed witll
9: 05 p.m. Music from an orches-
tm of volunteer players and
a1 experiences and thrilling Eli-
ble clra~nas. A live, costnmed Bi-
Observing their interracial har-
ble drama will tilake any inter-
mony at an assembly in Florida,
national assembly of Jehovah's
The People
witnesses that you attend this
year a delightfully diRerent ex-
perience for you if you have
never attended one before.
them to be wide-eyed fanatics,
In fact, many persons \vho at- The fine Bible tallis at the as-
tend an assembly of Jehovah's sembly biiild up respect for the
witnesses for the Grst tirue tind Bible as being God's Word. Thrg
it so delightful that they decide help delegates tu expand their
to take in more than oue sessiorr. kl~owledgeand understanding of
4 man in Columbus, Georgia, had it. Oftentimes new aids to Bi-
this experience with an assem- ble study are released.
gether.' The Jehovah's Witnesses
don't sing about it, they just
practice it. Not only has the con-
vention been a massive example
of racial harmony with black
and white worshiping together,
but it has tucked some 700
Spanish-speaking Witnesses into
its programs without a murmur."
At international assemblies of
Jehovah's witnesses there are
usually delegates present in the
native costumes of their coun-
tries. In the series of around-
the-world assemblies in 196.3 such
delegates were a most interest-
ing sight to all who attended
these assemblies, In Stockholm,
Sweden, many of the local peo-
ple went out to the assembJy
grounds just to have a good look
at these unusual costumes.
You will be impressed by the
great many young people in at-
tendance and at how Well be-
haved they are. This in itself
makes the assemblies of Jeho-
vah's witnesses different in these
days when so many young people
are rebellious, noisy, violent and
not the least bit interested in
Regarding the young people
present at an assembly in Den-
mark a local newspaper ob-
served: "This is not an old peo-
ple's affair-there are many
younger married couples and sin-
gle young people, youths, teen-
agers and children. A11 listen
attentively and confidently to the
talks and Biblical explanations
given by their elders. There is
no youth rebellion among Je-
hovah's witnesses."
You will also see whole fam-
ilies at the assembly because Je
hovah's witnesses do things to-
gether as families. Commenting
on the presence of families at
an assembly in Rochester, New
York, the newspaper Democrat
and Chronicle of July 13, 1968,
said: "The Witnesses give the
impression of living their reli-
gion daily. Walking among them
and watching them at worb
makes it impossible not to be
aware that these are warm, ani-
mated, clean-living people. At a
time in our society when so
many parents and children seem
to go their own ways, the prom-
inence at the assembly of family
groups is noticeable. It's a plea-
sure to have them in town."
At every assembly arrange-
ments are niade for the baptism
of persons who have studied
with the Witnesses for a while
and want to demonstrate their
dedication to God and their will-
ingness to do his will. They do
this by being completely im-
mersed in water as Jesus was.
His baptism set the example.
111 the series of around-the-
world assemblies held by Jeho-
vah's witnesses in 1963 there
were 16,653 persons baptized and
acknowledged by the Witnesses as
fellow ministers of Jehovah God.
Before candidates for baptism
are accepted they are required
to meet certain qualifications.
One of these is that they have
an accurate understanding of the
truths of God's Word.
In the big New York assembly
of 19.58, there were 7,136 per-
sons baptized at a nearby beach.
Reporting on this, the New York
Times of July 31, 1958, said:
"With a precision that would do
justice to the military, 7,136 Je-
hovah's witnesses were baptized
by total immersion yesterday in
a two-and-a-half-hour ceremony.
. . . There were no emotional
outbursts, no horseplay in the
water. Each Witness gave the
impression of a person bent on
a serious mission. The only voices
raised were those required to
direct the baptism traffic."
If you lose something of value
while at the assembly you will
most likely find it at the Lost
and Found Department. The
honesty of Jehovah's witnesses
is another factor tnat makes
their assemblies different and
that impresses outsiders.
for international assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in' 1968
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