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Spectrum computing today
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PRICE LIST (prices checked 20 April 2004)
PC-PSU with supply for 2 Floppies and MB02
36,00 €
13,00 €
Proface AT Extern (Interface for connecting PC-Keyboards to Spectrum)
69,00 € KS
Proface AT Intern (internal interface)
62,00 € KS
Melodik AY-Soundbox (unboxed)
24,00 € KS
+2 Cassette recorder
36,00 €
Floppy Disc drive (1,86 with MB02, 720k with Opus, 780k with +D) Please specify
24,00 €
PSU for +2A/B and +3 or PSUl for +2 (also 48k and 128k) Please specify
29,00 €
FDD lead for 2 drives
4,00 €
Multiface 128 (works also on 48k Spectrums
26,00 €
Dust Cover 48k+/128k
8,00 €
Plus 3 Tapelead
9,90 €
Normal Tapelead
3,00 €
Spectrum +2 Lightpen
36,00 €
Spectrum +3 Lightpen
27,00 €
Phaser Gun with Software (Tape or +3)
19,00 €
SCART-Monitor cable (choose for 128k/+2 or +2A/+3)
25,00 €
VGA-BOX (connect Spectrum 128/+2 to VGA monitor)
49,00 €
VGA-BOX Multi purpose (Connect any PC monitor to Spectrum 128/+2)
79,00 €
+3 drive belt
2,00 €
Silver paper for ZX Printer
5,00 €
Keyboard membrane 48k
11,00 €
Keyboard membrane Spectrum +/128k, new quality, not aging
21,00 €
Spectrum keyword stickers
8,00 €
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k, complete with all cables
129,00 €
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2, complete with all cables
79,00 €
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2A, complete with all cables
69,00 €
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3, built in 3'' drive, complete with all cables
99,00 €
Sinclair Spectrum 48k (Gummy), complete with all cables + Introduction Tape
64,00 €
Sinclair Spectrum 48k +, complete with all cables + Introduction Tape
64,00 €
+3 Drive (tested)
29,00 €
Interface I
69,00 €
25,00 €
39,00 €
Opus Discovery Diskinterface with 1 x 720k Drive (new ROM)
119,00 €
Joystick interface
1-Port 3,00 €
2-Port 11,00 €
Joystick (many different)
2,50 €
Sinclair SJS-Joystick (+2/+3)
6,00 €
Microdrive Cartridges (ex-software)
3,50 €
Wafadrive Cartridges
16K= 7,00 €,
32K= 7,50 €
Also we have a lot of Software offers and books. Please contact us and we will send you our pricelist.
Products marked KS are sold in the name of Kompakt Servis. We organise the business.
Prices excluding postage. Delivery as long as stock lasts.
Orders to: SINTECH, Gastäckerstr. 23, 70794 Filderstadt, Germany
Tel./Fax: 0049 711 775033 email: sintech@online.de http://www.sintech-shop.de
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SPRING 2004 Issue 7
Nineteen pages of Spectrum news. Boy do my fingers hurt. p5
Your views and opinions p24
New spectrum software reviewed p26
Fire and Ice p26
Fun Park p28
Blink p30
TV Game p31
Retrospective. Matthew Harrodine examines 1984 p33
Rough guide to the Plus D p36
If you enjoy ZXF and you want it to continue then consider yourself
duty bound to let me know this (mail@cwoodcock.co.uk or by the
feedback form). All other feedback will be gratefully received too.
ZXF now has a voluntary purchase scheme. If you have
downloaded and enjoyed an issue of ZXF, and if you are able to
afford to, please consider paying £1 for your issue via the Paypal
button on at the ZXF website ('magazine' page).
If you would like to contribute to future issues of ZXF - even if it's just
to write a letter - please do ; contact me again by the email address
Editor: Colin Woodcock (mail@cwoodcock.co.uk)
Website: www.zxf.cjb.net
Contributors this issue: Kevin Bennet, Matthew Harrodine,
Matthew Westcott, Nick Humphries, Darran Jones, James Zeun,
John King and Thomas Eberle. A big thankyou also to all letter
All written material, unless otherwise stated (and excepting letters) is
Copyright © Colin Woodcock 2004
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ZXF07: 4
mainstream level I can't say, but
my sincere hope is that when it
does all calm down again the
'long term' Spectrum community
will be swelled by new members
looking to bring their own
creativity to the scene. I am
continually astonished by the
contributions made by the
existing members of our commu-
nity - as evidenced by this issue's
news section - and I know that
the Spectrum is safe in their
Welcome readers old and new to
ZXF magazine.
It's been an extraordinarily busy
few months. The number of
developments within the
community have been
staggering, from an online version
of The Complete Spectrum ROM
Disassembly to the first installment
of a downloadable Spectrum
documentary; from a new ZX
toolbar for Internet Explorer to a
live concert by the AY Riders in
Poland. And then there's the new
magazine, Retro Gamer , and its
fantastic success. It takes quite a
while to put together an issue of
ZXF alongside all my other
commitments and, let me tell
you, putting together this issue's
news section has been quite a
challenge. It's the biggest news
section yet.
Any doubts about a rise in interest
in retro gaming can now be
safely put to rest, it appears, and I
can't help but feel that the
coming months will be looked
back upon as a golden age in its
own right in years to come. A
new market has been exposed
by Retro Gamer and I have no
doubt that its success will be
causing a lot of business people
to look very closely at how they
might exploit this. I'm still hoping
that we'll see a Spectrum of sorts
in the shops by the end of the
year - not a 'real' Spectrum, of
course, but one of those fancy TV
plugin gizmos pre-loaded with a
small selection of popular
games. The ZX Spectrum - the
rubber-keyed version, of course -
is iconic in its status in the UK and
to ignore its attractiveness during
a period of mass interest in the
genre would seem to me to
make little business sense. As
Retro Gamer announced in its
opening issue - the one that sold
out of its 40,000 copy print run -
they "simply couldn't launch a
retro magazine without running a
feature on the Sinclair range of
computers." Exactly.
ZXF is currently published every
four months - in April, August and
December. If you would like to
write for a future issue please
contact me at the address below
and I will be delighted to discuss
with you your ideas. Game
reviews, event write-ups, letters
and articles are all very welcome.
For the August edition, please
have your contributions with me
no later than Sunday 11th July.
Whatever happens on the high
street, we can be sure that the
Spectrum will continue to be
supported by those who have
been an active part of the
community since long before this
new interest began. How long
the interest will remain at the
Until August...
Colin Woodcock
The essential sites you need to visit.
The cornerstone of the community: emulation, discussion, downloads and online gaming.
www.spectaculator.com; www.ramsoft.bbk.org; www.worldofspectrum.org/emulators.html
You'll be needing an emulator to play those games on...
More tips, hints and pokes for those games than you can shake a pointy stick at.
www.ysrnry.co.uk; www.crashonline.org.uk; www.sincuser.f9.co.uk
The online editions of all your favourite Spectrum magazines: YS, CRASH & Sinclair User.
Spectrum news from around the world. Constantly updated!
All your further Spectrum questions answered.
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ZXF07: 5
>New album/ZX album/Warsaw gig
Once again those 8-bit tune masters,
the AY Riders, have released a new
record. '8 Bits is enuff' is their third MP3
release of music crafted entirely from
the Spectrum 128's AY chip and follows
on from their 2003 album of covers,
'Do you remember?' The team have
changed slightly since then, with
Megus moving on to PC music, to be
replaced by a new member, the
clearly very talented C-jeff. And this is
their longest release, with no less than
31 tracks. http://ayriders.zxdemo.org/
So, with three records under their belt,
the next milestone has to be live
performance, right? And it all
happened at OFF Club in Warsaw on
28 February, pulling in an audience of
over 200, reportedly. Pictures, from
which this one is taken, available at
the Riders' site - and a report by Rider
Matthew Westcott starts below.
Whilst you're there you might also like
to check out a new release of the
Riders' original record You are adult for
the Spectrum itself. This is the first of
the records to be released in this way
(in .TAP format) so that the music can
be listened to the whole album on the
machine that actually created it. It's a
rather snazzy interface too.
>Matthew Westcott (aka Gasman) reports on the concert
>Starglider Radio Launches
What do you do when you're bored on
Boxing Day? Launch a radio station, that's
what! So decided CSS veteran Starglider
this year, spotting an eight bit gap in the
growing phenomena of online radio. Ok,
so there's no Chris Moyles to talk between
the tunes on this new ZX Radio service, but
when they're all Spectrum AY tunes who
needs that sort of banter anyway?
2am, Sunday 29th February 2004.
Everything was quiet after a night of non-stop chip music. 250
revellers were heading home, dazed from experiencing a
concert like no other. Equipment was packed up and piled
high in car boots, and we were on the drive back to the home
of Wojtek, the main organiser, to catch some rest. That's when
Wojtek posed the question: When you first heard the suggestion
of an AY Riders concert, what was your initial thought?
Factor6, TDM and I were in agreement - we all thought it was a
stupid idea.
Containing an ever expanding playlist,
from which tunes are played at random,
Starglider Radio is even open to requests
(although the list - at the moment - is
being restricted to game tunes only). You
can listen to it at
It was back in September, at the drunken get-together known
as International Vodka Party, that the idea was raised.
Yerzmyey announced to the assembled Riders that a club
owner in Warsaw wanted to host a live performance of the
band. We immediately started wondering how on earth
continued on page 6
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