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ZXF merchandise: treat yourself to a piece
of 21st Century ZX Spectrum memorabilia...
The ZX Spectrum on Your PC
"well-written and superbly presented" -
Micro Mart
Downloaded over 2,000 times and featured on
the Retro Gamer cover disk, this guide to
Spectrum emulation on the PC is the perfect
introduction for ex-Spectrum users returning to
their first ever computer. Written by ZXF editor
Colin Woodcock, The ZX Spectrum on Your
PC teaches you how to use modern PC
emulators to play all those old favourites, as
well as some of the more advanced features
on offer too. You've read the electronic
version, now enjoy the luxury of a profession-
ally printed paperback!
78 page paperback $11.99 (about £6.60)
Now you too can own a mug to be over-
possesive of at the office!
$14.99 Now just $12.99 (about £7.15)
Tile Coaster (ZXF07 cover design)
The perfect home for your ZXF mug
(other mugs also compatible).
$5.99 (about £3.30)
ZXF Mousepad
The popular issue 8 Manic Miner cover is now a
durable, clothtop mousepad.
$12.99 (about £7.15)
Currency confusion? $1 = £0.55/€0.80 approx (exchange rates can vary) so $5 = £2.75/€4.00 approx, $10 = £5.50/€8.00 approx and so on.
Please note: ZXF merchandise is provided by www.cafepress.com, an American company, and items sent outside of the US will incur an inter-
national shipping fee of $7.00 (approx £3.85/€5.60) for one item, with additional items charged at $4.00 (approx £2.20/€3.20) per item thereafter.
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SPRING/SUMMER 2005 Issue 10
Twelve pages of Spectrum news. p8
Your views and opinions. p20
Higgledy Piggledy and more. p30
Pointy sticks at the ready... p35
Douglas Harter explains WinPAW. p38
A simple, yet effective modification idea for a +2B p40
Unlocking the Sinclair code p42
Soundtracker tutorial part two. p46
Spectrum emulation on the GP32 p50
A brief history of ZXF p52
If you enjoy ZXF and you want it to continue then consider yourself
duty bound to let me know this (mail@cwoodcock.co.uk or by the
feedback form). All other feedback will be gratefully received too.
ZXF has a voluntary purchase scheme. If you have downloaded
and enjoyed an issue of ZXF, and if you are able to afford to, please
consider paying £1 for your issue via the Paypal button on at the ZXF
website ('magazine' page).
Editor: C Woodcock (mail@cwoodcock.co.uk)
Website: www.cwoodcock.co.uk/zxf
Contributors this issue: Matthew Westcott, Matthew Wilson, Simon
Goodwin, James Zeun, Douglas Harter, John King, Simon Ullyatt,
Colin Piggot and Thomas Eberle. A big thankyou also to all letter
writers and news contributors.
ZXF magazine is copyright © C Woodcock 2005
All contributors retain their own copyrights.
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