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00:00:19:Hello. My name is Marty DiBergi.
00:00:22:I'm a filmmaker.|I make a lot of commercials.
00:00:25:That dog that chases the covered wagon|underneath the sink? That was mine.
00:00:31:In 1 966,
00:00:34:I went down to Greenwich Village|to a rock club called The Electric Banana.
00:00:39:Don't look for it. It's not there any more.|But that night, I heard a band
00:00:44:that, for me,|redefined the word "rock'n'roll".
00:00:48:I remember being knocked out by their...|their exuberance, their raw power,
00:00:54:and their punctuality.
00:00:56:That band was Britain's|now legendary Spinal Tap.
00:01:01:1 7 years and 1 5 albums later,|Spinal Tap is still going strong.
00:01:07:And they've earned a place in rock history|as one of England's loudest bands.
00:01:13:So in the late fall of 1 982,
00:01:16:when I heard that Tap was releasing|a new album called Smell The Glove
00:01:20:and was planning a tour of the US|to promote that album,
00:01:25:I jumped at the chance|to make the documentary,
00:01:28:the, if you will, rockumentary|that you're about to see.
00:01:33:I wanted to capture the sights,|the sounds, the smells
00:01:39:of a hard-working rock band on the road.
00:01:42:And I got that.
00:01:44:But I got more.
00:01:46:A lot more.
00:01:48:But enough of my yakkin'.|Whaddaya say? Let's boogie.
00:02:02:Gives me energy. Makes me happy.
00:02:05:Heavy metal's deep.
00:02:06:The way they dress, the leather.
00:02:09:- Is this La Guardia?|- No, this is JFK. New York, New York.
00:02:18:Watch its mouth!
00:02:32:It's like you become one with the guys|in the band. I mean, there's no division.
00:02:37:You just...
00:02:39:The music just unites people...|with the players.
00:02:44:Comin' live, direct from hell... Spinal Tap!
00:02:49:You're hot, you take all we've got.|Not a dry seat in the house
00:02:54:Next day we'll be on our way
00:02:56:-  But tonight I'm gonna rock you|-  Tonight I'm gonna rock you
00:02:59:-  Yeah, tonight I'm gonna rock you|-  Tonight I'm gonna rock you
00:03:08:We are Spinal Tap from the UK!|You must be the USA!
00:03:17:DAVID ST HUBBINS|Lead Guitar
00:03:21:NIGEL TUFNEL|Lead Guitar
00:03:28:DEREK SMALLS|Bass
00:03:32:MICK SHRIMPTON|Drums
00:03:36:VIV SAVAGE|Keyboards
00:03:41:Little girl, it's a great big world|but there's only one of
00:04:09:Let's talk about your history.
00:04:11:Nigel, you and David originally started|the band back in... when was it, 1 964?
00:04:18:Before that I was in a group|called The Creatures - a skiffle group.
00:04:22:I was in Lovely Lads,|and then we looked at each other
00:04:25:and said we might as well join up,|you know?
00:04:29:So we became The Originals.|And we had to change our name.
00:04:34:There was another group|called The Originals
00:04:37:- and we had to rename ourselves.|- The New Originals.
00:04:41:- Then they became...|- They changed back to The Regulars,
00:04:45:so we could've been The Originals,|but what's the point?
00:04:49:We became|The Thames Men at that point.
00:04:53:Stop wastin' my time
00:04:55:"POP, LOOK & LISTEN"|(British TV - 1 965)
00:04:57:You know what I want
00:05:00:You know what I need
00:05:04:Or maybe you don't
00:05:07:Do I have to come right flat out|and tell you everythin'?
00:05:12:Gimme some money
00:05:15:Gimme some money
00:05:25:Your first drummer was...
00:05:27:- The Peeper.|- John "Stumpy" Pepys. Great, great...
00:05:30:Tall, blond geek with glasses.
00:05:35:- Good drummer.|- Great look. Good drummer.
00:05:38:- What happened to him?|- He died.
00:05:40:He died in a bizarre gardening accident|some years back.
00:05:44:It was one of those things.
00:05:46:It was... the authorities said
00:05:49:best leave it, you know, unsolved,|really, you know?
00:05:53:- And he was replaced by?|- Stumpy Joe. Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs.
00:05:57:And what happened to Stumpy Joe?
00:05:59:Well, it's not a very pleasant story.
00:06:02:- But, er... he died.|- He passed on.
00:06:05:He choked on... The official explanation|was he choked on vomit.
00:06:12:- And he passed away.|- It was actually someone else's vomit.
00:06:17:There's no real...
00:06:20:They can't prove whose vomit it was.
00:06:22:They don't have facilities|in Scotland Yard.
00:06:25:You can't really dust for vomit.
00:06:28:Here we go.
00:06:31:- SoHo, they call this. SoHo.|- So-what?
00:06:36:OPENING NIGHT PARTY|New York City
00:06:41:How are you?!
00:06:44:lan... Hi, fellas!
00:06:47:How ya doin'?
00:06:49:I want you to meet everybody.
00:06:51:- Bobbi Flekman.|- Who's that?
00:06:53:- Bobbi Flekman.|- Who is it? With the record company?
00:06:58:Yes, Bobbi Flekman!|The hostess with the mostest!
00:07:02:You know! You know!
00:07:04:Hi, handsome. How ya doin'?
00:07:07:I want you to all meet Sir Denis|Eton-Hogg. He's the head of Polymer.
00:07:11:You don't talk so much.|Just smile and look smart.
00:07:15:Denis, come here! Come here.
00:07:17:I want you to meet Spinal Tap,|our guests of honour.
00:07:20:- How very nice to meet you.|- This is Sir Denis Eton-Hogg.
00:07:24:- This is Nigel.|- Thanks a lot for letting us... er...
00:07:28:Let's go over here|and we'll take a picture.
00:07:32:Where's my photographer? Come here,|honey. What's your name? Christine?
00:07:37:OK, right over here.
00:07:40:Good! Good!
00:07:42:- He's not into Negro music.|- No, it's not Negro.
00:07:46:Guys, you look fantastic.|You would never know you're almost 40.
00:07:50:If I looked this good|from the stage, too - it's amazing.
00:07:54:- I did the bird.|- Do the dead bird.
00:07:56:Get the dwarf cannolies.
00:07:57:- I did the bird.|- Don't talk back. Mime is money. Move it!
00:08:01:Now, we here at Polymer,|we're all looking forward to a long
00:08:06:and fruitful relationship with Spinal Tap.
00:08:09:We wish them great success|on their North American tour.
00:08:13:And so say all of us - Tap into America!
00:08:23:Excuse me.|Are you reading Yes, I Can?
00:08:27:- Yeah. Have you read it?|- Yeah. By Sammy Davis, Jr?
00:08:31:You know what the title|of that book should be?
00:08:33:Yes, I Can... If Frank Sinatra Says It's OK.
00:08:38:Cos Frank calls the shots|for all those guys.
00:08:40:Did you get to the part yet where|Sammy's comin' outta The Copa,
00:08:44:and it's about three o'clock|in the morning, and he sees Frank.
00:08:49:Frank's walkin' down Broadway|by himself...
00:08:54:Fuckin' limeys.
00:08:56:Well, they're not used to that world,|and Frank Sinatra.
00:09:00:It's a different world that they're in.
00:09:02:You know, it's just people like this,|you know... They get all they want,
00:09:08:so they don't really understand|about a life like Frank's.
00:09:11:You know, when you've loved and lost|the way Frank has,
00:09:15:then you know what life's about.
00:09:17:The New York Times may do something.
00:09:19:IAN FAITH|Manager, Spinal Tap
00:09:21:When do we get the album released?
00:09:24:It doesn't matter how good the press is...
00:09:26:As I explained last night, we're not gonna|saturate the New York market.
00:09:31:Now, Philly is a real rock'n'roll town.
00:09:35:The album will be available|all through the Philadelphia area.
00:09:39:So you are hitting that market...
00:09:42:We're certainly...|I'm doing everything I can.
00:09:45:You know that we're not blaming you.
00:09:48:But these guys have|an effect on an audience.
00:09:51:Kids go to their concert,|have a great time.
00:09:53:But it's... It's a passing thing. It's, uh...
00:09:57:I would never tell them this,|but this is a... this is a fad.
00:10:13:FIDELITY HALL|Philadelphia
00:10:25:The bigger the cushion,|the sweeter the pushin'
00:10:29:That's what I said
00:10:33:The looser the waistband,|the deeper the quicksand
00:10:37:Or so I have read
00:10:42:My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
00:10:46:I'd like to sink her with my pink torpedo
00:10:51:Big bottom
00:10:53:Big bottom
00:10:55:Talk about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em
00:10:59:Big bottom, drive me out of my mind
00:11:03:How could I leave this behind?
00:11:13:I met her on Monday,|'twas my lucky bun day
00:11:17:You know what I mean
00:11:22:I love her each weekday,|each velvety cheek day
00:11:26:You know what I mean
00:11:31:My love gun's loaded|and she's in my sights
00:11:35:Big game is waiting there|inside her tights, yeah
00:11:39:Big bottom
00:11:42:Big bottom
00:11:43:Talk about mud flaps, my girl's got 'em
00:11:48:Big bottom, drive me out of my mind
00:11:52:How could I leave this behind?
00:12:04:Let's talk about your reviews,|regarding Intravenus de Milo.
00:12:08:"This tasteless cover is a good indication|of the lack of musical invention within."
00:12:12:"The musical growth rate of this band|cannot even be charted."
00:12:16:"They're treading water in a sea|of retarded sexuality and bad poetry."
00:12:20:That's nit-picking.
00:12:22:The Gospel According To Spinal Tap.
00:12:24:"This pretentious, ponderous collection|of religious rock psalms
00:12:28:is enough to prompt the question,
00:12:30:what day did the Lord create Spinal Tap,
00:12:33:and couldn't he have rested|on that day, too?"
00:12:36:I never heard that one. That's a good one.
00:12:39:The review on Shark Sandwich, which|was merely a two-word review, just said:
00:12:45:"Shit sandwich."
00:12:47:- Where did that appear?|- That's not real, is it?
00:12:54:All those arguments about touring...|We belong on tour.
00:12:58:All that stuff about you being|too old and being too white...
00:13:03:What about the album, lan?|This is beginning to be a refrain here.
00:13:07:There's no way|to promote something that doesn't exist.
00:13:11:It's just that they're|just experimenting with, er,
00:13:15:with new packaging materials.
00:13:18:Experimenting?|They got monkeys opening ...
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