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PARK CARNtVAl [David A. Harqravd ••.••.•••••••••.••• 2
'mOTH'S DAGGER [Wiman Hamblinl ••••••.••••••••••. 51
THE CITY WITHOUT A NAME [WilHam Hamblin} .•••••.•... 67
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Lisa A. free
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Sandy Petersen
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''liii0_ ADVENTURE
Howard Phillips Lovooraft
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Um:xp/alned murders and disappearances at a seemingly innocent amusement area
just north or Providence, Rhode Is/and, Jure the Investigators into a
deadly confrontation with worshipers of the dread Burrowers Beneath.
Da,-id A. Hargrave
It is the Roaring Twenties, The decade will be marked
forever in the annals t,f death and by
such events as the dash of rival in the St V:den«
tine's Massacre. The decade disaster befalling
millions of Americans as a great Stock Market Crash
wipe-d out
This Information is best derived before most of the lC·
tunl play begins. It shOUld tantalize the investigators to
the point where are eager to get into the heart of the
matter and find grim truths. The manner in which the in-
vestigators gain this initial in formation matters little- the
only important is that they do It.
It may be effective fot the keeper to read the incidents
aloud to the
about everyone who had money 10 stocks.
bonds, or banks.
But stilI, in the hot lazy
to set a mo()u and give information
there were those
who cared little for the rest
It is summer ... a
time for dreams.
Just outside the city of Providence, Rhode Is!and, hard
the Swam POint Cemetery, and not many mHes from
the Butler Insane Asylum, sprawls the gaudy neon·iit
lJa'~m(ms of the North Star Amusement Arcade and Plea·
sure Pier, fronting the Seekonk River.
Here young swains take their ladies em hot summer
and children of all ages froih:: the humid summl:;(
Though a hit run down llwlmd the and its gay
facade cracked and peeling, tile carnival is stili enjoyed by
the of Providence.
People disappear from time to time, but i! 111 always
(sometimes correctly) aHrIbuted to the river's tricks. But·
ler Insane Asylum is packed with gibbering and ranting
people to which no one listens.
During this sun·bedazzled month of .May several star·
tling things will happen. These incidents are the "trigger"
to get the group of to become involved.
One of ,hese OCCUITallCeS is so bizarre that it will briefly
make the papers in such large cities as. New York and
San francisco.
The following incidents arc arranged in dmmologicai
for the investigators to together. The third
incident is published in the national papers, and will
probably he the key which will first interest the investi-
gators. Information on the other incidents can be round
either through lookinll through back editions of various
newspapers. especially The Pro"t'idence Journal·Bulletin,
or by interviewing the reporters that wrote up the events
all they happened.
Tlilt Firs,ltU::idt:mt-May 12th, 192-. it was a balmy clear
night, the moon a brilliant ornament in the starry and
Kent Howard was in love. The object of his .affectlons,
Pringle, was in a playful mood that eventide. Leav-
brightly-lit carnival grounds, the couple decided to
the SWiftly-flowing rlver. Hand 1n hand thy
moved ever further from the and noIse till. im·
patient and giddy, Kent attempted to sweep his lady !"ve
into his arms and kis# her,
Laughing fnadly, Lucy hmke free fwm her wuuld-be
lover's embrace and raced off, held high, cal!.ing over
he; shoulder. "If you can catch me, YOU can kiss me!" Af-
ter a brief, frustrated Kent sprang after the
vanishing pink-and·whlle figure. Pushing through
1I gap in the vine-covered but tumble-down stone wall be-
fore her, Lucy never noticed ihe had entered the ceme·
tery grounds.
Shortly thereafter. carnival-goers screamed and faifl(ed
when a bloody and raving apparition stumbled into (he
multi~oJored lights. One arm tom off, halT a dirty white
(previously dark brown), covered by hundreds of gashes
and gouges, streaming blood, Kent Howard returned to
Kent survived his ghastly wounds. but was completely
mad, babbling about horrors from the grave, He now
resides in a smaU padded cell in the Butler asylum.
Of Lucy there has been nt) sign nor trace, save for a
bloody shoe fotlnd near ;:m uvenumed gmvcstoflt',
Old timers muttered about wolves Qr bears coming
from the piney woods, but local law enforcement agen-
cies scoffed at this and marked it down as "probable
murder by person Of persons unknown."
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The Se/:mu} Incident-May 14th, 192-. Little Freddie
Pendergast. f 2 years old, was expected at 6:00 pm for
supper, but didn't show up. By 7:00 pm his irate mother
was on her way down to "that damned hurdy-gun:1y
to fetch her son.
Yet when she arrived, she simply could not find him.
She looked high and low, with no Freddie visible. She en.
listed the help of the park security officer, hut success
eluded them. Still 110 Freddie. Alarmed now. and belated-
ly thinkIng of the messy incident neaT the cemetery two
days before, Mrs. Pendergast went to the
The police put her in touch with the sheriff's
as the park was outside their jurisdiction. and the
WOIHllfl demanded that something be done. After several
hours of investigation on the part of both police ;:md
sherifrs it was ascertained. that Freddie and his two
best friends. the twins A:1vin and the same
age as Freddie, had all gone to the carnival around 4:0Q
Frm:i1:Iie left the twins for one last ride, und the lust
taW of him was when he rode the little mechunical
car into the "Tul1¥lel of Terrors," his fayonte ride at the
an1Usement park. never saw him come aliI. The law
enforcement people wrote it off as a runaway. or
an accidental drowning.
The newspapers report. without comment, that Oftlccr
Reynolds has becn dismissed for drinking, and that the
police department gives little credence to his report of
seeing the missing Pendergast child.
The FQlJrt/t ltu:idenl- This incident will occur the night
prior to the investigaton;' arrival (regardless as to when
this is), The whole town will be abuzz with one version or
another of what happened, The Incident would pot nor-
mnliy have evinced such interest, but coming closely on
the heels of the othet weird happenings, it has set folk to
talking. The will be able to get one or an·
other garbled version ofthe follmving story from anyone in
town. After listening to enough versions, they should be
uble to piece together the actual occurrence.
It seems that Abner Weems, a weIl·known and
ly tolerated lush. was drinking down by the river that
propped up against the stone waH surrounding the
cemctary. He was halfway hiS masDlljarofboot-
leg applejack and having a old time the
lights of the amusement Then he heard voices
inside the cemetary. Abner thought went on ill
"German Of Roosian. or some such." Intrigued, und his
fuddled brain awash WidI theories of foreign spies, he
crawled to the break in the waH. where he could dimly see
the interior o( the eelm~tery.
At !Ina he could see bUI directly he discerned
what looked like two one standing in il hole or
and one above The one in the hole passed
to his friend, who pi1$d them into a Abner
wat~hed for five Of ten minutes before he lost interest and
W$llt back to ~hls spot to finish drinking. Shortly
sitting in the shadows of the
vine-coated wall: Abner saw the two COHle the
cafl'ying thei, bundies, They went down to the
and tossed what they 11'ld been toting into the water.
The Third lncident-Mny 23n:l, 192-.
titHe Freddie disappeared an
t.he Providence Police WliS imieS'l12"tiJ1H
vandals in the public grounds dump) out
near the railroad tracks just west of Swan Point Cemetery.
nm get lhe
from his
tale as told in
His report
tried to rise and see
what in the
was going on.
the applejack had
worked its famous magic, and his
were inoperable.
his whole head seemed full
warm tami. With
t.hat hlst thought.l1e
Into slumber and remainedl»
a drunken
sun on his face
awoke him.
Groaning and up, Abner wobbled down to
the river's edge to cool water onto his face. Whilst
dning so, he saw something trampled into the n:rud. "'nen
he picked it up, he recognized it as a pink sweater, badly
torn find heavily stained .vith what could have been blood.
}\bner have been an alcoholic. but .he wus not a coun·
try!()ol, could put two and two lQgether. He look the
sweater and his hlle down 10 the
The local lawmen knew .4bnfr well and only arrested
him for vagrancy on cold nights; allowing him a warm
night's sleep in a cozy jail cell. Still. they never put faith
in anything he, or any other Doozelmunu, said, However.
they cnu!d not ignure the piece of bloody evidence he had
brought. A quick call and a short trip later, the sweater
was tearfully identified by Mrs. Pringle as having belonged
to her missing daughter, Lucy.
With that. and with the tale of the mysterious pair. the
official line became "two murderers and probable kidnap·
ers at laf!!e near Providence. Everyone should keep alert,
remain cairn, and never travel alone after dark:'
The Fifth lnc:itfent- This incident should happen the first
night after the arrival of the adventurers; heforc they have
a chance to do anything except piece together Ihe earlier
four incidents.
At 1;00 am one Jordan McIntyre, an attendant at But·
let Insane Asylum, was on his way home down Swan
Point Lane, which parallels the cemetery. Jordan was no
small man,. over six feet tall and weighing 200 pounds.
He wa.s an ex-Marine who had fought in the Great War.
Exactly what happened that night will probably never be
known with certainty, hut 11 general picture can he put
Someone attacked him near the south gate of the
cemetery. and he apparently put up 11 fight using his yard-
oaken walking stick. This shatterlld
dried mucus, was dlscovllred on the
road alongside his size twelve
Police Chief: Elmer "Bulldog" Walker
A 25-year veteran of the Providence Police Force, middle·
aged Chief Walker is a methodical and slow illdividual. His
tenacity has earned him his nickname-few criminals have
managed to keep out of the law's clutches once "Bulldo~"
is pcrsonaJ1y on their trai.1. His gQld wirc,rlmmed glasses,
rumpled dress, and bemused expression hide the fact that
he has one of the ten-best forensic minds on the East
Coast. He has taken four leaves of absence in his career to
attend the latest criminology courses at various universi·
ties. He has failed to catch criminals before. but mlyer
through one of his own mistakes.
He is [Jot sure what is exactly happening, but he ha, a
m?'rsonal stake in the investigation. Over the iast 22 ye~rs
ha.s been a cycle of summer murders and
persons, all of which h.ave gone unsolved as far as he is
concerned. Many a bum and crazy has been tried and con-
victed of these crimes, but Chief Walker knows that those
cases were circumstantial at best, and pure "witch-hunts"
at W(Jrst.
He has kept voluminous files, all marked "Unsolved"
and each yeat he comes a bit closer to the truth. 1f
pre'>sed, he will reveal that the only connections in all
these crimes have been the locations, In those crimes
where a locale was known at all, it has always been in or
around the cemetery, burning ground, or amuse·
ment park. All but the dump ate out of his jurisdiction.
If further pressed, he will note that he ha.s had SUs-
picions about the amusement park from time to time, {jut
nothing concrete has ever turned up. Still, it was set up
just a year or so before the disappearances
He always carries II sh.ort·barrelled .3& revolver if; a
shoulder holster and is profident in its Use. He thinks the.
County Sheriff is a blind fool, and that his teclmlqm~s
went out with Wyatt Earp.
Elmer ''Btdldog'' Walker
STR 12
by the milk wagon
driver about 5:00 am the next
McIntyre's feet
were still within his shoes.
The wrought hcm cemetery gates were all covered with
!ayers of dried, grey-green mucus, as well as with copious
amounts of dried blood and shredded masses of Jordan's
""""~"5 JUd flesh. This circumstantial evidence suggests
that something had pulled fl,e hapless man through the
iron bars
about four inches
but his feet
had gotten stuck. The power nf whatever
done this
simply kept tearing the feet right off.
Further will continue.
The could allow the adventurers to be the ini-
tial discoverers of Jordan's pitiful remains, ifa much more
fearsome game is desired.
County Sheriff:
This bluff and fiC,H!)! always has a smile and a
handshltke for all. His twinkling hlue white hair, and
rotund phsyique hide that he i~ a
hard-bitten law officer of nearly 40 years experience, m·
eluding a couple of years as a fown in a rough-
and·tumble Alaskan gold milling: camp in late 1890's.
He al.ways a Colt A5 revolver under his suitcoat and
a two-shot, .32 derringer in a hidden ankle holster, hidden
by his pant leg. He also carries 1.1 lead-filled leather black·
in his reaf pants pocket (also under his coat). He dis-
in supernatural, but knows that men
can and do commit tile most heinous and incredible of
crimes. He knows that the recent problems are caused
a "couple of ollt-of-towners, probably
Hit Pts 13
SKILLS: Accounting 7&%, Debate 17%, Talk
Forensics 90%, Law 95%, Psychology 71%, Spot Hid-
den 92%
WEAPON: snub-nose .38
CON 13
SIZ 13
INT 18
APP 10
SAN 80
DEX 1}
ID8+2 damage
Ex~police officer Andy Reynolds
He is an athletic man some 32 years old. He is a veteran of
the Army Artillery Corps (serving in France in the Grmit
War) and has been on the Providence Police Force ever
since 1919, when the Army released him. He was awarded
the Providence Badge of Valour two years ago for ;11S
heroic actions in saving two young children from a blazing
home. The City Council flred him, not Chief Walker, and
he is bitter about it.
He can be located at Mother Matheson '5 Boarding
House (he is unmarried), and is, at first, reluctant to talk
about his firing or the incident that caused it. However,
due to his disgust at his poor treatment, if investigators
are properly sympathetic (though not morose), he will lell
his questioners everytlling he knows, a.s he understands it.
Unbelievable as his story was, there were parts he l~ft
out of the offidal tale-he's not sure, even now, if they
really happened. First, he heard faint but unmistakable
or other
such trash,"
John J. Josephson
STR 13
l'(JW 10
Hit Pts 16
SKILLS: Drive Auto First Aid 80%, Forensics 50%,
Hide 40'};, Law 65%, Listen 75%, Mechanlcal Repair 50'}t"
Psychology 54%, Spot Hidden 76%, Sneak 66%, Throw
81%, Track 70%
WEAPONS: .45 revolver 80%, IDIO+2 damage
32 derringer 80',ii" I D8 damage
Blackjack 78%, 106+1D6 damage (match damage done 'Is.
victim's hit points .. if victim is overcome, he is knocked
Ollt for 2D6 minutes)
Fist 90,}1< 103+1D6 damage
CON 16
SIZ 15
lNT 15
EDU 12
DEX 14
SA1'J 66
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