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HPB - Collected Writings Volume III (1881-1882)
Collected Writings VOLUME III
Chronological Survey
A Year of Theosophy
Miscellaneous Notes
A Word with our Friends
Transcendental Physics
Electric and Magnetic Affinities between Man and Nature
Questions Answered about Yoga-Vidya
Another Distinguished Fellow
Hindustani Domestic Remedies
The Missing Link
Miscellaneous Notes
The Study of Russian by Indian Officers
The Leaven of Theosophy
Closing Note to “Spiritual Miracles”
The Brahmo Samaj
The Brahmo Leader and Yoginism
Footnotes to “Cosmogony and Anthropology”
The Signs of the Time
The Alleged Real Meaning of Educational Missions in India
The New Vimâna
Miscellaneous Notes
A Russian “Symposium”
Madame Blavatsky
A Berlin Mare’s Nest
The Year 1881
Comment on “Yakshni”
A Columnar Meteor
Railway and Other Vandals
New York Buddhists
Nature’s Human Magnets
An Archaeological Drink
Notes to “Radiant Heat, Musical Vapours, and Fairy Bells”
A Hindu Professor’s Views on Indian Yoga
Logic versus Peripatetic
The Most Ancient of Christian Orders
Note to “The Bishop’s Manifesto”
The Year 1881
The Assassination of the Czar
Count de Saint-Germain
An Important Biblical Error
A False “Witness”
Comment on “A Hindu Story of Reincarnation”
Human Life at High Altitudes
Footnotes to “True Religion Defined”
A “Medium” Wanted
Ancient Doctrines Vindicated by Modern Prophecy
Miscellaneous Notes
The State of Russia
The State of Russia
Compiler’s Note
A Psychic Warning
Apollonius Tyanaeus
Lamas and Druses
Native Astrologers
Stars and Numbers
“Praise Him with the Timbrel and Dance”
Miscellaneous Notes
A Posthumous Publication
Footnotes to “A Suicide’s After-State”
A Letter from Surb Ohannes
Footnotes to “The Five-Pointed Star”
A Reply to our Critics
Science, Phenomena and the Press
The Evidence of Science
“The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism”
Footnotes to “The Work of the Theosophical Society”
Editor’s Note to “The Hindu Sabha”
Canonization of a New Saint
Spotless Murderers
The Five-Pointed Star
Miscellaneous Notes
The British Theosophical Society
Miscellaneous Notes
Madame Blavatsky on “The Himalayan Brothers”
Footnotes to “Iamblichos: A Treatise on the Mysteries”
“The Claims of Occultism”
Comments on “Strange Apparitions”
Miscellaneous Notes
Footnotes to “The New Dispensation Dissected”
Stray Thoughts on Death and Satan
Miscellaneous Notes
Footnotes to “Who are the Aryas and the Buddhists?”
Current Events
“The Theosophist” and Pandit Shraddha Ram
“The Theosophist” and Arya-Samajist
From Scrapbook, Vol. XI, Part II, pp. 410-12
The Six-pointed and Five-Pointed Stars
The Grand Inquisitor
Footnotes to “The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac”
The Bright Spot of Light
Miscellaneous Notes
Dayanand Saraswati and his followers
Western “Adepts” and Eastern Theosophists
[Spiritualism and the Christian Churches]
The Banner of Light
Footnote to “The Church Congress and Spiritualism”
“The Theosophist” and Hindu Pantheism
Trance Mediums and “Historical” Visions
“We will not Quarrel but simply Argue”
What is “A Fact”?
Hazy Notions
Weird Phenomena
Is Creation Possible for Man?
Editor’s Note to “The Theosophists”
Miscellaneous Notes
“The Knight without Reproach or Fear”
A Letter from Madame Blavatsky
“Is it Idle to Argue Further?”
Esoteric Axioms and Spiritual Speculations
The Aryan-Arhat Esoteric Tenets on the Sevenfold Principle in Man
Editorial Appendix on the Above
Footnotes to “Lakshmibai”
The Universe in a Nutshell
Are Dreams but Idle Visions?
On “Theosophism” in India
A Personal Explanation
Zoroaster in “History” and Zarathustra in the Secret Records
Spiritualism and Occult Truth
“Nature-Spirits and Elementals”
In Desperate Straits
Footnote to “The Pisacha-Dancers”
“A Book of the Beginnings”
Footnote to “A Flash of Light upon Occult Freemasonry”
A Conjurer among the Spiritualists
Madame Blavatsky’s Reply to Mr. Joseph Cook
Note on the Transliteration of Sanskrit
Count de Saint-Germain
William Eglinton
Gustav Theodor Fechner
Rangampalli Jagannathiah And T.S. Swaminatha Aiyar
Alexander II, Emperor of Russia
Princess Katherine Mihailovna Dolgorukov
H. P. Blavatsky Around 1877-78
Dâmodar K. Mâvalankar
Allan Octavian Hume
Yevgeniy Fyodorovich Von Hanh
William Quan Judge
Dr. Jiraj Dewey Buck
General Rostislav Andreyevich de Fadeyev
H.P. Blavatsky Around 1876-77
Prince Harisinghji Rursinghji of Bhavnagar
Group at Crow’s nest, Bombay, 1881
Collected Writings VOLUME III
Most of the material in the present Volume appeared in print in collected form for the first
time in 1935, when it was published by Rider & Co. in London, under the title of The Complete
Works of H. P. Blavatsky. As was the case with the original Volumes I and II of the Series, a
considerable portion of the stock of Volume III perished in the London “blitz” during the second
World War. As a result of this, these earlier Volumes have been unobtainable for many years.
Discovery of hitherto unknown writings from H. P. B.’s pen required that the material be
somewhat differently distributed, as far as the four original Volumes are concerned. The present
Volume is made up of H. P. B.’s writings during the years of 1881 and 1882. It contains
therefore some of the material of the original Volume II and most of the material of the original
Volume III.
The text contained now in Volume III has been checked with the original sources of
publication, and most of the quoted matter compared with the originals and corrected whenever
necessary. Some new material has been incorporated from the Archives at Adyar. A number of
explanatory notes and comments have been added by the Compiler to clarify points of
Theosophical history. Biographical and Bibliographical information has been collected in the
Appendix, as is the case with all the Volumes of this Series, and a copious Index has been
The Compiler wishes to express his gratitude to all those who have helped in the preparation
of this Volume. Their continued interest and helpful assistance are gratefully acknowledged.
Their names, as given in the Foreword to Vol. II, apply to the present Volume as well.
May 8, 1968.
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