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HPB - Collected Writings Volume XII (1889-1890)
Collected Writings
Chronological Survey
The Tidal Wave
Russian Popular Tracts
Miscellaneous Notes
Official Notice
“Going To and Fro in the Earth”
Footnotes to “My Experiences in Occultism and Occult Development”
The Fall of Ideals
Footnotes to “The Alchemists”
“Going To and Fro in the Earth”
Miscellaneous Notes
The Facts Brought Before Masters
[The Voice of the Silence]
1890! On the New Year’s Morrow
Was Cagliostro a “Charlatan”?
[Colonel Henry S. Olcott and the Esoteric Section]
Miscellaneous Notes
Pensées sur le Nouvel An et les Faux Nez
Thoughts on the New Year and the False Noses( Translation of the foregoing French text )
The Last Song of the Swan
[Colonel H. S. Olcott and the British Section]
Muddled Meddlers
Miscellaneous Notes
The Cycle Moveth
Kosmic Mind
[Note by the Compiler]
Third Letter of H.P.B. to the Fourth Annual American Convention
Why I Do not Return to India
La Légende du Lotus Bleu
The Legend of the Blue Lotus ( Translation of the foregoing French text )
Thoughts on the Elementals
Footnotes and Editorial Notes to “The Letters of Johann Caspar Lavater”
[Rules for the Residents of the London Headquarters]
Black Magic in Science
An Astral Prophet
Mistaken Notions on “The Secret Doctrine”
Capital Punishment
Cruelty to Animals
Diagnoses and Palliatives
Modern Apostles and Pseudo-Messiahs
The Theosophical Society in Europe
Science and the Secret Doctrine
Progress and Culture
The Mote and the Beam
Recent Progress in Theosophy
[Appointment of Bertram Keightley]
The Dual Aspect of Wisdom
Queries and Answers
To the Theosophists of Europe
Mme. Blavatsky Appeals to the Law
Psychic and Noetic Action
[The Theosophical Society and its Detractors]
À Tous les Membres de la Société Théosophique en France
To All the Members of The Theosophical Society in France( Translation of the foregoing French text)
Miscellaneous Notes
Forlorn Hopes
Hypnotism, and its Relations to Other Modes of Fascination
Problems of Life
Why the “Vahan”?
[The Oriental Department]
Specimen Page of Gems from the East
Gems from the East. A Birthday Book of Precepts and Axioms
The Esoteric Section: Introduction by the Compiler
Instruction No. I
Instruction No. II
Instruction No. III
[Compiler’s Note]
Instruction No. IV
First Supplementary Paper to Instruction No. IV
Instruction No. V
Doubles and Ex-Doubles
Note on the Transliteration of Sanskrit
H.P. Blavatsky in 1889
Count Allessandro Di Cagliostro
Lorenza Serafina Feliciani, Countess Di Cagliostro
Colonel Henry Steel Olcott in 1891
William Quan Judge, about 1888-89
Johann Kaspar Lavater
General Alexey Petrovich Yermolov
Countess Constance Wachtmeister
H.P. B.’s Home, 19 Avenue Road, London
Dr. Franz Hartmann
The General Secretary’s Office at 19 Avenue Road London
“The Path”-Painting by Reginald Willoughby Machell
( With interpretation of Symbolism by the Artist)
Dr. Nikolay Ivanovich Pigorov
“The Prodigal”-painting by Reginald Willoughby Machell
Sir Edwin Arnold
Jean Sylvain Bailly
Isabel Cooper-Oakley
Commandant Dominique Albert Courmes
Dr. Henry Travers Edge
Reginald Willoughby Machell
Symbolical Urn for H.P.B.’s Ashes
James Morgan Pryse
Gottfried De Purucker
George William Russell, Known as “Æ”
Collected Writings VOLUME
The material in the present Volume is in direct chronological sequence to the writings in Volume Eleven,
and includes some very important essays from H.P.B.’s pen.
In addition to that, the student will find in its pages the complete, unaltered and unedited text of H.P.B.’s
Esoteric Instructions.
The continued interest and helpful assistance of our collaborators and friends is gratefully acknowledged.
Special mention should be made of Dara Eklund, Nicholas Curtis Weeks, Shelley von Strunckel and Peter S.
Ryan, who read the proofs in various stages of production. We also appreciate the careful work done by Dara
Eklund in preparing the Index. Our grateful recognition is extended to Grace F. Knoche and Kirby van Mater
for special help and serious interest they exhibited in connection with the text of the Esoteric Instructions.
We also wish to acknowledge the expert technical work performed by Jim Burgener in the reproduction of
the Colored Plates in the Instructions, which add considerably to the value of the Volume as a whole.
May 23, 1980
Collected Writings VOLUME XII
[ Lucifer , Vol . V, No . 27, November, 1889, pp. 173-178]
The tidal wave of deeper souls
Into our inmost being rolls ,
And lifts us unawares
Out of all meaner cares .
L ONGFELLOW , Santa Filomena .
The great psychic and spiritual change now taking place in the realm of the human
Soul, is quite remarkable. It began towards the very commencement of the now slowly
vanishing last quarter of our century, and will end—so says a mystic prophecy — either for
the weal or the woe of civilized humanity with the present cycle which will close in 1897.
But the great change is not effected in solemn silence, nor is it perceived only by the few.
On the contrary, it asserts itself amid a loud din of busy, boisterous tongues, a clash of
public opinion, in comparison to which the incessant, ever increasing roar even of the
noisiest political agitation seems like the rustling of the young forest foliage, on a warm
spring day.
Verily the Spirit in man, so long hidden out of public sight, so carefully concealed and
so far exiled from the arena of modern learning, has at last awakened. It now asserts itself
and is loudly re-demanding its unrecognized yet ever legitimate rights. It refuses to be any
longer trampled under the brutal foot of Materialism, speculated upon by the Churches,
and made a fathomless source of income by those who have self-constituted themselves its
custodians. The former would deny the Divine Presence any right to existence; the latter
would accentuate and prove it through their Sidesmen and Church Wardens armed with
moneybags and collection boxes. But the Spirit in man—the direct, though now but broken
ray and emanation of the Universal Spirit—has at last awakened. Hitherto, while so often
reviled, persecuted and abased through ignorance, ambition and greed; while so frequently
turned by insane Pride “into a blind wanderer, like unto a buffoon mocked by a host of
buffoons,” in the realm of Delusion, it remained unheard and unheeded. Today, the Spirit
in man has returned like King Lear, from seeming insanity to its senses; and, raising its
voice, it now speaks in those authoritative tones to which the men of old have listened in
reverential silence through incalculable ages, until deafened by the din and roar of
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