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Let's Learn Japanese is a television course for those who wish to learn the fundamentals of the
Japanese language. Each lesson is thirty minutes long and is based on the material from the
series Yan and the Japanese People. The use of video materials featuring the experiences of a
young foreign man who has just arrived in Tokyo, makes the task of language learning more
enjoyable and ensures also that viewers will pick up a great deal of inforn1ation about contemporary
Japanese life.
Let's Learn Japanese (Basic I) consists of twenty-six lessons, one of which will be telecast each
time. In addition to the skits about Yan, the lessons include shorter "mini-skits" which show how
the expressions being studied are used in a variety of situations, helping to make their meaning
About This Textbook
This textbook has been compiled to complement the television lessons; studying it before and
after watching the program should help viewers master the material more efficiently. There are
three volumes:
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Lessons 1-8
Lessons 9-16
Lessons 17-26
The Structure and Content of Each Volume of the Textbook
(1) First, a synopsis and a complete transcription of the skits are provided. Since it takes two
lessons to cover one skit, Vol. 1, for example, contains the summaries and transcripts of the first
four skits.
The synopses will be useful for those who want to make certain they have grasped the general
outline of the skit, but the transcriptions should be considered as useful reference material. For
those who wish to see in what context a certain expression appeared, or who wish to pursue the
key points in greater detail than is allowed by the thirty-minute television format.
(2) The structure of each lesson is explained on the next page.
(3) In the appendix at the back of the text are lists giving the names of the days of the week,
the names of the months, dates, methods of counting, and other useful information.
(4) Finally, there is an alphabetized index containing all the vocabulary items found in the
"Words and Phrases to Memorize" section of each lesson.
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