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Solving a Scientic Mystery
The science of music started more than 2000 years ago, when
Pythagoras made his observations about consonant intervals
and ratios of string lengths.
But despite all the advances made in acoustics, psychology,
neuroscience and evolutionary biology, scientists still have no
idea what music is.
The theory in this book is the result of more than 20 years
of research by the author. It explains in detail many of the
familiar features of music: notes, scales, melody, harmony,
chords, home chords, bass, rhythm and repetition.
It also explains the symmetries of music. These symmetries in-
clude invariances under pitch translation, octave translation,
time translation, time scaling, amplitude scaling and pitch
Most importantly, the theory explains the emotional eects of
music, and this explanation sits rmly within the framework of
modern evolutionary theory. For the benet of those not fully
familiar with the concepts of theoretical biology, what this
means is that the theory explains how our ability to respond
to music helps us have more grandchildren.
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Solving a Scientic Mystery
by Philip Dorrell
Dedicated to
Amanda and Natalie.
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