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Call only in evenings or weekends
"Got a couple of seconds to talk?"
NO? "No problem, we'll talk later..."
Make sure she's free
"Cool, I've got to get going in a few minutes, but I wanted to touch base...
If she's distracted END THE CALL
Don't talk to busy or distracted people - it's not fun for either of you
Function is to confirm or arrange logistics of in-person meeting
Function call or Connection call?
Connection call is a way to keep the spark going
Attraction energy is better than rapport in these calls
Same as in person - only SHORTER
More voice emphasis - Listen to sports announcers
Minimize distractions - LISTEN CLOSELY
Start with a teasing to get her energy up
I know, you were hoping it was Sean Connery...
Bridge quickly into connection/comfort
So how has your day been? Tell me about something new you've learned...
Never ask for a "date" or hint at one...
"You're so cute... I want to see you. I'm going to X and I'd like you to come with...
If she declines...
Stay on the call as if it didn't bother you (it didn't, right?)
"Gotta get going, I need to..."
Hey, it's Carlos, you've reached my voicemail...
Have a standard voicemail message ready
Hey, you, it's me... That's right. The big C. Call me.
Hey, it's Carlos... I'll catch you later...
Interrupt yourself to leave the message
To Be Continued...
Cliffhanger or other "leave 'em hanging" ending
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