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Effects Skills List
Optional Skills List
Youngblood Klaus hid behind a barrel. Those damn Skaven where everywhere!
He had taken one of a group of five out before running out of there. Content
he'd lost them in this abandoned wine seller's house with the door locked, he
took out his pistol and started cleaning it. He heard a grasping noise at the door.
He peeked out to se a Skaven, coming in, UNDER the locked door! He didn't
know how it was doing it but in an instant, it was upon him. Klaus tried for his
dagger, but he had no need. A shot rang behind Klaus, and the Skaven fell dead
with a buckshot in it's side. "Trouble, Klaus?" Klaus looked behind him. It was
Captain Gunnerson, still holding his pistol out. "Not anymore captain." "In that
case Klaus, would you mind leading me out of here. You know I'm blind...."
Many a warband would find themselves doing deeds they never thought
possible in Mordheim. Cheating, lying, stealing, anything for a few more shards
of wyrdstone. Many warriors have found their own way of doing things and are
imbued with miraculous abilities. Younger, more fresher warbands stare in awe
at these fabled heroes and there strengths. These new skills may only be used
by heroes or henchmen that have become heroes in a warband with a minimum
rating of 200. Only one hero may have a given skill at a time, if that hero dies
then another hero may take the new skills he had when they roll for skills.
Mercenaries Effects Skills:
Name: Type: Description:
Seeing Ear Shooting
After a while, a hero can stop using his eyes to see and
start using his ears to see. Any disturbing creak gives
them a target. The hero with this skill may ignore the
"Blinded in One Eye" injury and may not have his BS
Combat This skill makes the hero like a wolf in combat, strong
and agile. Middenheimers excel at such great feats, but
almost any hero will start acting like a wolf, and many
others of the warband shun him... especially when he
stops taking baths!
The hero with this skill gets an additional +1 S and +1 M
beyond his maximum stats. The feral appearance of the
657366635.017.png 657366635.018.png 657366635.019.png 657366635.020.png
individual shuns sellers, so add +1 to the rarity when this
hero tries to buy rare equipment.
This hero becomes a true swashbuckler with a charming
attitude and kept up appearance. The hero ads +1 LD and
receives a +1 bonus when looking for rare items. Note
that this skill may not be combined with the Wolf
Strength skill.
The hero becomes able to twirl in mid-air with his
weapons, striking any unfortunate enough to be landed
on. The hero makes a special attack when he makes a
diving charge. If he wins all of his Initiative tests, then
the enemy that was being charged at suffers a hit equal in
strength to the hero automatically.
Name: Type: Description:
Dao Breath
This Skaven has learned the art of breathing Dao from the
master Skaven of Clan Eshin. He can force his ribcage
into his chest to fit into small crevices and holes. The
Skaven with this ability make ignore walls and pass under
them to the other side on a D6 roll of 4+. The Skaven then
suffers a S1 hit with no armor save.
The Skaven's saliva is turned into a corrosive acid
through ingestion of warpstone and a small spell from an
Eshin Sorcerer. All the HtH weapons this Skaven carries
now count as though they were coated with Dark Venom.
You may not coat any other hero or henchmen weapons,
nor may you try to sell the poison.
Cult Of The Possessed
Name: Type: Description:
Academic The Magister starts chanting and places his hand on his
opponent’s chest. If all succeeds and the dark gods
smile on him, he will at least make an illusion of him
657366635.001.png 657366635.002.png 657366635.003.png 657366635.004.png 657366635.005.png
ripping out the heart of his enemy and setting it on fire.
Only the Magister may use this skill. If he is in base to
base contact with his enemy and not fighting, he may
try to rip out their heart. Roll on a D6 on a 5+ he has
succeeded and the warrior automatically takes a
wound. Sisters of Sigmar are not effected, but the
hatred in a Witch Hunter's heart makes them
(Mutants and
The body of this freak is so subject to change, the Cult
can try and give him a new mutation by pressing a
small shard of wyrdstone into it's skin. Any possessed
or mutant with this skill may take mutations after he
first buys them but must pass a Ld test first.
Remember: all other mutations besides the first cost
Snake EyesCombat
The hero's eyes have become keen and yellow like a
serpent's. The hero may now take Shooting skills like a
Mercenary Captain but must score a 4+ on a D6.
Sisters of Sigmar
Name: Type: Description:
"That Time
of the
The Sisters of Sigmar sometimes feel strengthened and even
a bit violent about every other month. They use this in
battle, destroying their foes.
Every battle you play in a multiple of 6, the heroine with
this skill gets +1 S and +I. Any heroine may take this skill,
but when used by the Matriarch, she loses her magic
abilities for that battle.
Witch Hunters
Name: Type: Description:
Comes to
Combat Some thing or event triggers a memory the hero has all but
blocked out of his past. Things like this stir a man to the point
of madness, become almost like a Flagellant. The hero with
this skill gains +2 I and is subject to Frenzy, but may not have
657366635.006.png 657366635.007.png 657366635.008.png 657366635.009.png 657366635.010.png 657366635.011.png 657366635.012.png
any more shooting weapons or skills.
Name: Type: Description:
The vampire's thirst for mortal blood is such a ravenous
craving, he cannot wait until after battle to feed. they crave
blood there and then! Only Vampires may take this skill.
When the vampire puts a hero Out of Action, they gain +1 S
for that turn. However, unquenched the vampire will run to
the nearest hero and try to suck him dry. Any other
henchmen between the vampire and the hero will only fight
the vampire in HtH combat with the vampire at half
strength, rounded down. He is far too hungry to consider the
The Necromancer takes a few limbs he has cut from their
previous owner and some thread and stitches them together
to form a new Zombie, called an animate. Only
Necromancers may learn this skill. Every time they put a
hero Out of Action, make a tally of it. When you have five
marks for heroes Out of Action, you may make another
zombie at the end of battle, provided the Necromancer was
not put Out of Action, someone could have raided his bag of
limbs for their hand back.
657366635.013.png 657366635.014.png 657366635.015.png 657366635.016.png
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