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Henrich "Altdorf" Schrider
Henrich "Altdorf" Schrider
Dr. Henrich "Altdorf" Schrider is an archaeologist, graduated top of his class from the University
of Altdorf in XXXX. He has gained quite a reputation by sending many rare artifacts back to
Altdorf from his travels. Although some rumors have that the artifacts are acquired in less than
ideal ways, the steady income of relics makes this irrelevant for the senior
Hire Fee: 75 Gold Crowns, upkeep : 1 treasure
May be Hired: Any "non-evil" warband may hire "Altdorf" Schrider.
Rating: Altdorf Schrider increases warband rating by +75 points
Profile M WS BS S T W I A LD
Henrich 4 4 4 3 3 2 6 1 8
Adventurers Whip(see below), sword, Dueling Pistol, Light armour, Lantern,
Rope & Hook
Tomb explorer
Excellent reflexes
Master Whipper (see below)
Step Aside
Luck (re-roll any one die)
Special Rules:
Fears Snakes & Serpents
Special Equipment:
Adventurers Whip - 15 gold crowns
You've seen Indiana Jones, you know the drill.
Range Strength Special Rules
4" As user -1 Cannot be parried, reach, disarm, swing, + 1 armour save
Special Rules
Instead of striking to injure, a model with an adventurers whip may try to
strike his opponents weapon making him drop it. Roll to hit as normal, but
instead of rolling to wound, the opponent gets a parry attempt (Representing
the model trying not to drop the weapon, thus it is allowed to parry without
sword or buckler, but being armed with both don't allow a re-roll). If the
parry attempt is failed, he has dropped his weapon. He must fight with
whatever back-up weapon he has in his equipment for the rest of this combat
(or fight unarmed if he has no other weapons).
A skilled adventurer may use his whip as a rope to swing over gaps. To
represent this, a model can jump a gap (up to a maximum of 4"), but unlike
normal jumping you don't deduct the distance jumped from the model's
movement. You must however still roll initiative to not fall down. In
addition you may use the whip to jump to a lower level, even through
windows. You must however always have something on a higher level to attach
your whip to in order of swing with it (Use common sense, in addition
sewers, dungeons, tunnels, etc. always counts as having something to attach
the whip to.) If a model using an adventurers whip falls in a pit trap, he
may try to use his whip to save himself from falling down by passing an
Initiative test.
Combat Skill:
Whip Master
The hero is so skilled with his whip that he may re-roll any roll with the
whip once. You must accept the second roll, even if it is worse.
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