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Gherhard Ghenerick
Gherhard Ghenerick
(written by the Gray Sage aka Lex)
" ...the trice-cursed luck of this place", Gherhard mumbles as he puts away his
looking glass. Again his search had been fruitless and his hire to this Witch
Hunter Warband would barely cover his living expenses. Any fop of a
vampire in this dark and gloomy place seemed to tote unprecedented amounts
of armour. The earlier tales of armour-bearing vampires that had lured him
from his work at the University in the hope of finally finishing his treatise on
Blooddragons seemed less likely every day. "Oh well, those are the vagaries
of fortune.", he thought. He checks the action of his crossbow pistol and feels
for the familiar wait of his books, and the swordcane at his hip. Ready for
action he looks down from his elevated position and spots some Zombies
converging on the Marksmans below. Time to earn his pay, so he leans over
and bellows down.... "Hiya Sport... remember to aim for their heads.."
Sorry, but I could not resist these strange urges, I guess I should let off on
eating that strange stew that is currently served at the Twisted Goat, Chilies I
think it is...
Gherhard is an Outrider fellow (investigative scholar) for Altdorf University.
He considers himself somewhat of a gentleman adventurer. He has written
some well know and widely published treatises:
A Layman's Guide to the Empires Trading Families .
The Complete Compendium on Bretonnian Grailknight Heraldry .
Racial Poetry of the Known World .
Origins of Lewd Drinking Songs (The extent of plagiarism on famous
Bretonnian Ballads)
Tales From Beyond the Crypt (An extensive study into behaviour of the
Lesser Undead)
Currently he is working on A Treatise on the Lineage of Blood Dragons , a
work he often refers to as "Interview with a Vampire". For that reason he is
visiting Mordheim, where many vampires seem to be abroad.
Hire : Any and all if they go up against Undead, his fee will be 30 (but see
below !!).
He will rehire but not take a retainer.
Stats : 4 / 4 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 1 / 3 / 1 / 9
The Ld stat is normally only used for his own testing. But also check below !
GheGhe ( pronounced GiGi :P ) as he is often called by his friends and
colleagues, favours a Crossbow pistol and his swordcane... the Swordcane can
be used as a club OR as a sword in hand to hand combat. In effect it can only
be changed from Cane to Sword during combat. It can be reversed to a cane
when there are no active opponents in base contact. As he carries copies of
most of his books around in various pouches, he count as having light armour
against all missile fire.
Special abilities
When hired by a Marienburg or Bretonnian Warband they will be very
impressed by his knowledge and he will gain an additional amount of GC to
the level of their Captain, as he can identify their heraldry (difficulty 6 roll).
After a successful identification he can announce the Names and Deeds of this
captain to the opponent. The opponents leader needs to test on his Ld.. if he
fails he will be at -1 Ld for the rest of the encounter cringing before this
obvious powerful opponent.
When hired by a Skaven Warband (or ANY other Racial Warband if and when
they become available 8-) or by Middenheimers he will recite some inspiring
poetry before the encounter (and YES even the Skaven have their Heroic
Poems. 8-). This inspiration will allow the members of the Warband to shrug
of the first Rout test they need to make. If through some vagaries of fate this
will make the enemy rout before your side does, the Captain will double your
Drinking Songs
When hired by Reiklanders, he can enliven the campfire on the eve before an
encounter. He will first talk about and later sing some very lewd drinking
songs. Every member of the Warband will chip in and pay him some
additional cash (number of members in Warband x d3). As a result he will be
generally so well liked that the men would follow him into the Nether Realms
if asked. If the Captain of a Warband goes OOA, GheGhe can step in and take
the Captains place for the rest of the game. When hired by the Sisters his
reputation will have reached them in advance and the Matriarch will pay him
off NOT to sing. Coaching on
Undead abilities...
His unending research into the Undead allows him to identify any particular
opponent and spot its weak points. Per Shooting OR Combat phase he can
coach any model on the board (including himself !!) into finding the weak
spots. This will allow for one of the following:
a) modify your WS or BS by 1 point
b) auto-hit your opponent
c) get a critical on a 4+
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