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Garymort, priest of Morr
Garymort, priest of Morr
Garymort is currently the only Priest of Morr in Mordheim. He has gone here
some time ago because of a vision that Morr granted him, proclaiming the need
of one of his priests against the unholy presence of raised dead and Undead in
Garymort can NOT be hired as such. His presence in a fight will depend on
various factors. One of these is quiet simple. A request for support against
Undead will always be considered (1 in 6 chance). Also if the area where the
activity takes place has a Crypt or Graveyard there will be a fair chance that he
‘drops in’ (1 in 6 chance). These are cumulative. He will only fight along side
"good" warbands i.e. no dark elves, orcs, skaven, possessed, chaos.
A major part in his decision to help out will be the Warband’s attitude towards
their own dead. As a Priest of Morr he knows the Proper Rituals of Departure,
these will ensure that the recent dead can not rise again. If a Warband has
brought their dead to him ensure proper handling (for a fee that will reflect the
persons standing in life....... 1 gold per 10 points of experience) he will most
certainly try to help out (roll 2D6 when asking him to work for you and he will
agree on any result other than a double).
Garymort will add 25 plus one per XP to your warband rating.
4| 5 | 3 |3 |3|1 |3|1|8
Equipment: Garymort carries a staff and a cudgel + buckler. He is robed in the
traditional robes of his priesthood and caries a holy relic.
As can be expected, Garymort will NOT feel any fear or repulsion. Therefore he
may ignore any tests involving his LD stat.
Holy Relic: Garymort carries a holy relic. The warband that he is fighting along
side him knows that they are fighting for a good cause against evil and therefore
may ignore the first rout test that they are forced to make.
He can not actually cast any spells when in combat, but when preparing for one
he may cast one OR both of the spells listed below. This will, as listed , cost him
a great deal of energy.
Smite. - This he will cast on his cudgel, Smite will ONLY work on any Undead.
When you hit an Undead with the cudgel roll a difficulty rating against the (EXP of
the mini / 4). This is meant to make destroying lower power Undead easily, but
should not autokill a vampire !! Casting Smite will (temporarily, for the uration of
the ‘mission’) lower Garymort’s Strength by one.
Commandment. - Garymort will cast this on his Holy Item, it will cost him 1 point
of Toughness for the game. During the game he can use the Item in one hand !!
in the SHOOTING phase he will be able to ‘turn’ any Undead in a 4" radius. This
will mean that they actually turn around and shamble back where they came from
(this is done DIRECT !!). To become ‘unturned’ they can roll against LD at the
start of their next phase.
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