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A Database Publication
id oe
Vol. 2 No. 12
April 1987
Explore the
of Zork!
Start of a great series
of adventure maps
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It will save you POUNDS!
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Catch up with the ever-changing world of the 8 bit Atari.
Type in Torpedo! and sink the invading enemy fleet.
We show how to give your pro-
grams the professional touch.
Vol. 2 No, 12 April
Managing Editor:
Derek Meakin
Features Editor:
Andre Willey
Production Editor:
Peter Glover
Art Editor:
Heather Sheldrick
Reviews Editor:
Christopher Payne
News Editor:
Mike Cowley
Advertisement Manager:
Tony Nowell
Advertising Sales:
John Snowden
We take a long look at Vietnam, The Archers, Super 3D
Plotter II, Robot Knight, Tomahawk, Crumble's Crisis.
More than 70 chances to win in our exciting MicroProse
Andre Willey meets the programming team that
produced Gauntlet.
I/O Channels
Part 4 of our series on the Atari's input/output facilities.
Dungeon master Brillig helps more of you escape from you
adventure-related problems. Plus three-page Zork I map.
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Build your own Epson interface with Len Golding's help.
Fast and furious arcade game featuring an under-fire
skate boarder.
Five Liners
Subscription rates for
12 issues, post free:
£12 -- UK
E18 — Europe
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More of your £25 mini programs.
Stephen Williamson introduces his
Advanced Character Editor.
"Atari User" welcomes program listings
and articles for publication. Material should
be typed or computer-printed, and pref.
erably double-spaced. Program listings
should be accommpanied by cassette tape
or disc. Please enclose stamped, self-
addressed envelope, otherwise the return
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utions accepted for publication by Database
Publications Ltd will be on an all-rights
0 1987 Database Publications Ltd. No
material may be reproduced in whole or in
part without writen permission. While every
care is taken, the publishers cannot be held
legally responsible for any errors in articles,
lis tings , or advertisements.
"Atari User
- is
Your queries and answers, moans and praise.
FULL and part-time writers are urgently needed by Database
Publications, publishers of Atari User and its companion, Atari ST
User. If YOU know the Atari or Atari ST inside out, can express
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5NY, Please include your phone number.
and Atari Corp (UK) Ltd are not responsible
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of the opmions expressed.
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Dat e
AT 4
AN Atari 8 bit software revo-
lution has begun, prompted
by a bridge-building exercise
from the company to devel-
opers and the arrival of the
video games machine, the
Atari recently acknow-
ledged its "inadequate
support" for programmers in
the past and vowed to get it
right from now on.
And software houses are
responding with more con-
versions to the 8-bit and a
pledge of more new games
on cassette and cartridge.
Included in the shake-up to
give more support to third
parties is the appointment of
Roland Whitehouse as man-
Atari promises much more
support for programmers
ager of software marketing.
He explained: "My role is to
give help and support for
software generally, arid
especially for that about to be
"We need, and are actively
looking for, more cartridge-
based software for the 65XE.
"The response has been
excellent. Software houses
are really cooperating. We
know there was room for
improvement and we feel we
are turning the tide".
The company was ap-
proaching publishers about
cooperative software adver-
tising relating particular
products to particular
machines and everyone he
had talked to was willing to
Atari told developers that it
has set up a team of engin-
eers to test software from
developers, and is aiming to
cater for the growing demand
for better communication
between Atari and authors.
A bulletin board has been
set up to aid this.
Atari technical manager Les
Player said: "As far as 8-bit
computers arid games con-
soles are concerned, we have
revised our sales targets
upwards and we are very
optimistic about further
multiple business.
"We hope this will motivate
software companies to
develop and market new titles
for the 8-bit. This situation
would be gratefully received
by the existing base of
extremely loyal users.
"Atari now offers an
expanding market oppor-
tunity", he said.
Tynesoft is already
impressed by the share of the
market now being claimed by
the 8-bit machines.
It began with a conversion
of its hit Jet Set Willy and is
continuing its move into the
market with two more games.
Winter Olympics is a multi-
load simulation combining
five sports, each of which
uses 60k of code, arid Who
Dares Wins II is a conversion
of the popular combat and
strategy game.
Tynesoft's head of develop-
ment, Dave Croft said: "We
feel that considering the price
of the 8-bit micro and the
share of the market it is now
A COVERSION of the Star
Wars coin-op series is
promised for the Atari 8
bit by the end of the year.
In something of a coup,
Domark has secured the
European rights to
produce home computer
versions of Star Wars
itself, plus The Empire
Strikes Back and Return of
the Jedi.
Atari Inc, holders of the
copyright on these games,
granted Domark the rights
through their licensing
company, the Inter-
national Development
AU the more for us
now we have no less than three
great new features starting this
issue. Look what we have to offer.
Two of our most popular writers,
Len Golding and Stephen William-
son, present the first instalments of
their new series — Len's long awa-
ited tutorial on autobooting your
Basic programs, and Steve's
advanced character-set editor.
We also take you behind the
scenes on the development of one
of the most sought after arcade
conversions of the year US Gold's
Gauntlet, the massive Atari arcade
hit of 1986. In addition, Brillig's
adventuring column has had a
complete face lift and boasts a
massive monthly adventure map.
All of our regular features are
A VERY warm welcome to the first
exclusively 8-bit edition of Atari
User. Now that our ST fledgling has
flown the coop we will be devoting
all of our pages to you, the Atari
8-bit owner.
From now on you'll be able to
read even more of your favourite
articles, type in more games list-
ings and fi nd out more facts than
ever before.
We've been looking carefully
through your comments on the
magazine to date via the recent
Reader Survey, and it is encour-
aging to see how many of you
enjoy our balance of features.
We've got lots of exciting plans for
the coming months, including our
second birthday in May, but for
here as usual, of course, with not
just one but two great games this
Len Go/ding's Gadgets column
covers one of the most requested
topics from the mailbag — that of
how to construct your own printer
interface to run a Centronics printer
without spending a small fortune
on the extra hardware.
Andre Willey will be continuing
to look at the workings of the cen-
tral input/output system, and this
month considers how to add your
own data handlers.
A fi nal word on contributions. If
you want to see your own work in
Atari User turn to Page 52 for some
useful tips on how best to go about
April 1987 ATARI USER 5
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