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The ,Official Amstrad Magazine
March 1987
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US Gold interviewed
Music Machine review:
Ram's Binary boogie box
Plus: Listings, software reviews,
games reviews, news and views
11111 IMO
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MASTERFILE III is now fi rmly established as
THE fi ling system for the CPC6128. It has received
rapturous reviews and we could paper the walls of
our new offi ces with our customers' letters of
This is no toy thrown together in BASIC and half-
tested, but real machine-coded computing power
professionally constructed. We have had IBM and
Apricot users beg us for a MASTERFILE for their
machines — when they had seen the earlier CPC
MASTERFILE. All this power is yours for
For the benefit of newcomers to the CPC machines:
MASTERFILE III is a powerful and flexible data
filing and retrieval system. All "database" systems
require that your data is organised into fields and
records. Unlike most, MASTERFILE does not
commit you to fi eld lengths or formats, since ALL
data is variable-length and optional. Files are not
pre-formatted, and only used bytes are saved to
disc. Also, unlike the rest, MASTERFILE allows
multiple user-defined ways of viewing/printing
your data. And unique in its price range, MASTER-
FILE offers RELATIONAL FILE options, where-
by common data can be entered just once and
shared by many records. Maximum fi eld size is
240, maximum fi elds per record is over 50, and
maximum fi le size is 64K. Room for 1,000 full
names and addresses, for example. Only one disc
drive is required. It is menu-driven throughout, and
comes with detailed illustrated manual, and exam-
ple files.
For those who already have an earlier MASTER-
FILE, we •offer updates; please telephone for
details. You will be amazed at the performance
improvements and extra functions.
-ontrot PCW users: be patient, MASTERFILE 8000
will be ready early in 1987 *It*
We also have one of the fastest and friendliest
spread-sheet programs around, MASTERCALC
128. Its unique features include: individual tailor-
ing of column widths and precision; relocatable
formulae; split-screen option; automatic cursor
advance; text output to printer, or to disc for
interface with PROTEXT or TASWORD; hi-res
graphic histogram of any three rows. MASTER-
CALC 128 runs on CPC6128, or CPC464,1664 with
DK 'tronics RAM. The price is just £33.00.
Just about ANY kind of information can be
handled by MASTERFILE. You can EXPORT the
data to other systems (e.g. PROTEXT/MERGE and
TASWORD). You can even merge your own USER
BASIC to MASTERFILE for customised fi le
processing, or build new files from other computer
sources. The speed of SEARCH of MASTERFILE
is second to none. Records can be sorted ascending/
descending, character or signed numeric, even
embedded keys such as surnames. Other functions
are fi eld-to-fi eld calculations, and several-across
label printing. We simply don't have room to list all
the features; give us a call if you are still in doubt
of the power of MASTERFILE III.
1 b belt S tens
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-,An Pen ar 1 1 1 1 U
S34S S 944 643e S ) 56 S alle 5070
346 E600 '0+
211 !'f0 6 NO .2'nt
1111 114', ;1314 2100 1124 461!. sl oe 603S frAi
760i fl RO 113d6 IIS M e 10974 tz 1103 14614 M OS 16176 i6600 17329 14) 97
9400 • fcle 8140 4580 745S 7
I80 S S S S
; .Zoiroter,
4 ii Pe rlyhe r
7 %of 44444
000.11er • V
You can save /10 by taking MASTERFILE III and
MASTERCALC 128 for a combined price of just
Prices include VAT and P&P to anywhere in
Europe. Elsewhere please add 20% for air-mail
service. ACCESS/VISA/MASTERCARD welcome,
written or telephoned, quoting card expiry date.
Make cheques payable to "Campbell Systems".
Our normal response is return of post, 1st class.
7 Station Road, EPPING, Essex CM16 41
Sona rs o f e a sin e ss A
Microcomputer, 646: RAM • UM ROM ileiNtred !CP C 464
Microcomputer. taw Rilli • disc Anstrad • CP C 6128
Rise interface and 1.0l drioe. r An.trad DDT I
Det.mmtria printer S eep, M eal AteM red NV - Z11013
faecotioe b rie fca se Aq tle r
Wire p a p e r clip British Ste e l M AC
Rawer too nachiar
sh Telecom ,11.2806
1 E IBS .00
xe cutioe je t a ircra ft $ e a r F
Typewriter, electric .011oetti Leterra 06 600100
Dictation machine
Coffee m a ke r M i l e rs 0 6 3 4 1
Parcel scale S al t er ZS OP
elioreconpoter, 4 8 0 SI I I C a te ./ ru m sp e s
Letter scale itakonaster !30$10.
. E S 262.294.26
To re co rd 8 0 0 1 (Al fo r a n vil
lie, 1L12 P eturds S electee. 00IE are.lts,n8 FfM
England. Tel: (0378) 77762/3.
5 News
9 Letters
13 Hairy Hackers Haunt
29 Adventurers corner
36 Gallup Chart
98 LSB
24 Protext power
David Foster, star of Prestel and
the author of the Protext
manual, looks at some of the
little known things which make
his favourite word processor a
joy to use.
14 X
at Al IS 431413
wrw rwriv Tv ea 1
Kt V IL Pi
.1• 10M
64 Music Machine
Ram Electronics has produced
a peripheral which pulls no
punches. It offers Midi, sound
synthesis and sampling for half
the price of some rivals. But is
it a jack of all trades and
master of none?
40 Nemesis
A Konami coin-op classic
converted for the CPC. Is it as
much fun in the privacy of your
own home?
81 Games
Nigel, Colin and
Liz wear their
joysticks to the bone bringing
you reviews with the facts.
59 US Gold interview
Who are the men behind
Britain's top software house?
Where did they come from and
where are they going to?
Christina Erskine found out.
44 Machine code
Learn to rotate with a character
manipulation routine. Pete
Green inflates his letters
69 Organ
Cy Noble
pipes up with
a program
for Basic and
Machine code
hackers alike.
52 Dogfight program
Chocks Away! A two player
WWI combat program with full
description. For the Amstrad
CPC in Basic and machine code.
Editorial and Advertising offices:
169 King's Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 *EV
Tel: 0277-234459 (Editoriel); 0277 234434 (Advertising,'
Telec om Gold; 72,MAG021
Published by Awake Ltd. 36/38 St Petersgate. StoNport SKI I HI.
News t ra d e d ist rib u t io n : D ia m o n d -Eu ro p re ss Se e rs & D ist rib u t io n L t d ,
Unit I , Su rg e ss R o a d . I v o ve r L a n e , lla st e n g s, Ea st Su sse s 7 7 1 3 5 4 N F L
Tel 0 4 2 4 4 3 0 4 2 2
Am st ra d is a re g ist e re d t ra d e m a rk, a n d w e t h t h e t it le
Am st ra d C o m p u t e r U se r, is u se d w it h t h e p e rm issio n o f
Am st ra d C o n su m e r Ele ct ro n ics p lc
- N o p e rt
publ i -
catron m a y b e re p ro d u ce d w it h o u t p e rm issio n . Wh ile e ve ry
effort is m a d e t o e n su re t h e a ccu ra cy o f a ll f e a t u re s a n d
listin g s w e ca n n o t a cce p t a n y lia b ilit y f o r a n y m ist a ke s o r
misprints. T h e vie w s a n d o p in io n s e xp re sse d a re n o t n e ce s-
sarily t h o se o f Am st ra d o r * m o lt b u t re p re se n t t h e vie w s
of o u r m a rry re a d e rs, u se rs, a n d co n t rib u t o rs. M a t e re a i f o r
Pu b lica t io n is o n ly a cce p t e d o n a n a ll-ro g h t s b a se s. We re g re t
that Am st ra d C o m p u t e r U se r ca n n o t e n t e r in t o p e rso n a l
correspondence. r4
The official magazine for all
user s of Amstrad computer*
Cover p h o t o : M a rt in H o w e ll.
Editor: Simon Rockman
Advertiatiment Manager: Jane Nolan
Advertisement Assistant: Lorraine Day
Amstrad User March 1987
Page 3
our Amstrad can handle
Interactive presentation
ality graphics.• to view the entire picture. Or
o here they are
Ideas become art with
DR DRAW E49.95.
DR DRAW lets you create
organization charts.Flowcharts.Business
logos.Technical diagrams. Maps.
Or just about any shape or line drawing
And each element can be enhanced
or highlighted with a variety of colours
and patterns.
Easy-to -follow menus let you select
pre-programmed shapes circles, bars,
arcs, rectangles, polygons, and lines —or
create your own pictures by modifying
these shapes via mouse or keyboard.
Add text anywhere you wish, selecting
between a wide variety of
type font styles.
Revise with the stroke
of a key. Fill a shape with
colour or patterns.
Enlarge or reduce it.
Move it to a new location,or
copy it,
Change type fonts, size,
colour, and location with just
a few simple keystrokes.
Zoom in for detailed
work,then zoom back out
TheAmstrad 8256 and
zoom out to fit your picture
- neatly in a 8
6128 don't simply have massive
memory capacities that take
them across the dividing line
between home and business
machines•They also have GSX graphics
extension systems that make them
potential producers of high qual ity (and
highly exciting) graphics for business,
educational, scientific, industrial or pure
pleasure purposes.
NowDigital Research,creators of the
(PM operating systems that make this
graphics capability possible,offer you
two professional graphics software
packages which exploit it to the full:
Data comes alive with
DR GRAPH E49.95.
DR GRAPH lets you use data
entered manuallyor created with
popular spreadsheet programs such as
SuperCalc to design vividly effective and
professional line, bar, scatter and stick
graphs,and pie and text-only charts,
quickly and effortlessly.
Simply choose options from menus
and byfilling in a form.
When you've completed your
selections,you've completed the graph.
Choose from three different type
styles (plus your machine type) for titles,
legend and annotation copy. Deploy
different line styles, line and barwidths
and eight filled patterns to add clarity
and emphasis. Add borders, colours and
labels. Bar charts can be stacked,
clustered, or arranged in steps orsticks"
Pie charts can include exploded "slices"
Annotation can be incorporated,
modified, and moved anywhere you
want. Different graph types can be
combined within one chartand as many
as four different charts or graphs can be
combined on a single page.
page layout On extra- large
• drawings,you can pan the
screen back and forth over each section.
See, store, print, present!
DR GRAPH and DR DRAW let you
see exactly what you've designed on
screen.lben store it on disk for recall or
update later. Or print or plot on paper or
overhead transparency film.
Either way, you've got a totally
professional presentation.
Both packages run on Amstrad
CPC 6128 or PCW 8256 computers with
one or two disk drives. Hard copycan be
produced on anyGSX-driveable printer
or plotter, such as Amstrad, Epson or
Shinwa printers and the HP 7470A
Now with FREE
support for 30 days.
Amstrad Professionals from Digital Research.
Now Professionalism begins at home.
To place an order, send cheque to: ArnStrad Sales, Digital Reasearcn (UK)
Limited, Oxford House, Oxford Street, Newbury, Berkshire RG13 1.18
Or telephone Newbury (0635) 38787 or 38783, with your credit card
details. Or contact your local Amstrad dealer.
*FREE telephone support for 30 days following receipt of registration
card Thereafter a full year's on-line telephone support is available for
just f 15.00 + VAT. Full deta;15 will come with your software,
The creators of GYM
stage and VAT.
FM *
Amstrad PC
in USA
Amstrad has taken on IBM at home
with the launch of the PC 1512 in the
US. The unveiling took place at The
Consumer Electronics Show in Las
Vegas early this year.
The price of PC's is somewhat lower
in America with many companies
touting cheap clones. These are often
sold in kit, form and require some
knowledge of electronics before
assembly. And the specifi cation is
pretty primitive when compared to the
PC 1512.
However, the sub $800 price tag over
there does not sound as impressive as
sub £500 does here, so the emphasis
was on the complete system approach
using the slogan "The 'family friendly'
Visitors were invited to the stand (or
booth to use the Stateside phrase) by
eight "English bobbies" - Keystone
cop-type characters with white gloves
and whistles.
The full range of Amstrad PC's is
available throughout the States, a dis-
tribution task taken on by the Texas
based company Video.
Amstrad does have an office in the
US but will stay very much in the
background, allowing Video to handle
sales and marketing.
Amstrad takes
on Big Blue on
its home
helped by the
boys in blue -
fake British
In pursuit of
With E10,000 at stake the man from
ACLI took part in the Domark Trivial
Pursuit competition, fi ghting bravely
for a wedge of the action.
Unfortunately Simon Jordan didn't
win, but as the youngest entrant he
was awarded a parrot by Dave Carlos
(the one with the beard) and Johnny
Ball the one without the numbers).
Our thanks to all who took part.
Amstrad User March 1987
Page 5
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