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The Official Amstrad Magazine
January 1987
Starglider: Full review I
Frost Byte map
PC games
Kt o n a irg
Win an arcade games machine!
Nor way NOK 20.00, Spain 300 Ptas, Turkey 1650 TL, Denmark Kr. 31,00, New Zealand NZS4.95 Rec.
RS232C Serial Interface
V21/23 Modem
Free I st quarters
restel and •Micronet 800
PACE subscription to both
I rrl
1 1
Awa i M in h T a ia m m Prt -s fel a n d the Printed rembcd n it t a d * m a ks o f Brit ish T e le co m m u n ica b cce .
5 News I L
11 Letters
15 Gallup Chart
114 Least Significant Bit
40 Making Mallard fly
Tip top tips from Cliff Lawson
for programmers using
the PCW.
47 Assembly point
Pete Green explains the 3 Rs
and wraps his words.
88 Hidden MS-dos files
How to keep your data from the
prying eyes of DIR.
64 Crawler
Horticultural horrors with this
type-in game.
19 Split screens
All 27 colours on screen, mixing
modes and more.
74 Mini Office II
Can a budget-priced business
package really provide full
priced power?
Model Universe
The program from Arnor which
does for graphics what Protext
does for words.
52 Games for the PC
The huge software base for the
PC1512 includes a large number
of games.
69 StarGlider
The hottest game yet from
Rainbird. Realtime wave their
magic assembler over the 464
once more. Is it the new Elite?
79 Protext people
Who are the people behind the
roms? Jerry Muir finds out.
71 Jailbreak
Konami break on to the home
scene with a criminally good title.
93 Games scene
Drunken motorcyclists, stolen
millions, space zapping and evil
princesses. All in a day's work
for Nigel, Colin and Liz.
42 Frost Byte mapped
Keezer kidnap relief.
23 Hairy Hackers Haunt
Hacker help and powerful pokes.
58 PSSt — wanna
cheap call?
John Silver drives the data
equivalent of a motorway.
37 Behind Biggles
Pat Bitton shows that more than
just programming goes into
making a game a success.
29 Seek and ye
shall find
Bill Brock adventures on.
105 Win a Jailbreak
Turn your room into an arcade by
winning a full-size Konami coin-op.
63 Citizen printer
High quality, high speed prize
printer to be won by the sharp-eyed.
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Amstrad User January 87
•• .
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Imagine So (1984) Limited, 6 Central Street, Manchester M2 5N5.Telephone: 061-834 3939 Telex: 669977
Deranbuteet ri F ra n ce by Oce a n F ra n ce T e te p h o n e 9 3 -4 2 -7 1 4 4 D o se n b u te d in Ge rm a n y b yllu sh wa re T e le p h o n e 2 1 0 1 -7 0 0 4 0
Amstrad PC drafted,
educated and cooled
The Amstrad PC has been ordered by
the Royal Military College of Science.
The 100 twin drive PCs will be used as
stand alone systems to train officers for
senior technical positions.
The price, power and the Amstrad
name for reliability were all factors
which the college saw as being impor-
tant when deciding on the 1512,
It was the price of the PC that also
appealed to Aston University. They feel
that the E399 model is within reach of
impoverished students. It provides the
power of IBM and Apple computers
which would offer the same facilities
but at many times the cost.
Aston is particularly interested in
using the PCs to run spreadsheets, ter-
minal software and UCSD-Pascal. The
VT100 terminal software will link the
computers to the university computer
centre which has several large DEC
The fi rst batch of PCs has been
delivered to some lecturers with the
eventual aim of a computer for every
lecturer and administrator.
Despite the large corporate orders for
floppy systems Amstrad has been
surprised by the percentage of users
who have opted for the hard disc
Initial predictions expected the more
expensive computers to account for
only 20 per cent of sales, but actual
figures run closer to 45 per cent. so
Amstrad has second sourced hard
drives from the old man of the disc
industry, Tandem
Minor changes have been made to
the standard Tandon design — the front
panel has been changed from black to
Amstrad PC beige. Amstrad has
and so some large customers have
insisted that the computer does
Whatever the truth, Amstrad has
decided to offer a German-made electric
fan free with all hard disc machines
and as a ,E20 extra with fl oppy disc-
based computers.
This is described by Amstrad's mar-
keting director Malcom Miller as a
marketing tactic. He says: "Amstrad
has simply decided to satisfy those
potential customers who feel more
secure with an integral cooling system.
We know that a fan is unnecessary but
recognise the commercial sense in sat-
isfying all our customers and their spe-
cific needs".
Alan Sugar was a little more direct in
his feelings about fi tting a fan. He
described it as a waste of money and
recommended that operators switch
the fan off. "It'll save on electricity and
won't make any difference to the oper-
ation of the machine", He told the
Financial Times: "If it's the difference
between people buying the PC or not
we'll stick a bloody fan in it. If they say
they want bright pink spots on it, I'll do
that too. What's the use of me banging
my head against a brick wall and
saying You don't need a damn fan,
AMX works
on MAX
Malcolm Millen "We know a
fan is unnecessary, but ..."
adopted a new disc controller from
Western Digital and has again
improved the design to give better error
messages. There will be no apparent
difference to users between the new
Tandon and old Xebec models, but the
new sourcer should mean that hard
disc machines will be easier to buy from
now on.
The Amstrad PC gets hot. How hot is
a matter for debate, it depends on
which cards you put into it and how
much power they draw.
The important question is does the
machine get too hot? After all, every
computer generates a bit of heat, es-
pecially from the power supply (The
Commodore 64 power supply is great
for warming your toes on — Ed).
But the Amstrad PC does not. over-
heat. Amstrad is certain of that, Unfor-
tunately not everybody believes that
MicroProse for the Amstrads
MicroProse, the number one developer
of simulation software for the home
computer in the USA, has announced
its fi rst titles for the Amstrad range.
It has launched two of its most
famous packages, Silent Service and
AcroJet, for the CPC machines. Both
are priced at E9.95 on cassette and
E14,95 on disc.
Silent Service is a simulation of
World War II submarine combat in the
Pacific, while AcroJet recreates the
thrills of flying a one man 200 mph plus
acrobatic aircraft.
Also in the pipeline is F-15 Strike
Eagle, one of the MicroProse epics
which has lifted the company to the
number three spot in the United States
entertainment software league.
On the PC1512 front, six MicroProse
titles have become available ranging
from Spitfi re Ace to Crusade in Europe,
priced from .E17.95 to ,E24.95.
The news that MicroProse is to
market titles for the Amstrad machines
is being seen as yet a further acknow-
ledgement of Alan Sugar's success
For MicroProse produces only a
handful of titles each year, spending up
to $I million developing each to guar-
antee it will be a blockbuster.
Advanced Memory Systems has a new
product due before Christmas, Max is a
Gem-style front end for the CPC. This
makes controlling the mouse, sound,
graphics mode and fi le manipulation a
The screen can be dumped to an
Epson-compatible printer and there is a
Help and note pad facility. When it is
available the software will cost .E19.95
and be a disc-only program. The author
of the program, Chris Honey wrote the
Commstar rom for Pace and has
worked for Amstrad.
Amstrad User January 87
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