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Volvo PROSIS v4.1.010 (4.2006) Parts+Repair
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Parts catalog, service manuals, service bulletins, directory tools, service on all construction equipment company Volvo Construction Equipment. PROSIS - abbreviation for combination PROduct Support Information System (information system product support). PROSIS contains catalogs of details of almost all products Volvo Construction Equipment. Information is stored on 3-x DVD-s Volvo Prosis and is easily accessible through a system PROSIS.

Year: 4.2006
Version: 4.1.010
Platform: Win 98/2k/XP
Compatibility with Vista: Unknown
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese
Tablet: Present

Equipment provided in the directory:
Compact Wheel Loaders
Wheel loaders
Backhoe Loaders
Compact excavators
Wheeled Excavators
Articulated Haulers
Crawler excavators
Motor Graders

In the catalog presented the following models:
Volvo Wheel Loaders Volvo D-Series
Volvo Excavators VOLVO EC140-EW170/EW180 "
Volvo Articulated Haulers Volvo D-series
Volvo Articulated Haulers Volvo
Volvo Excavators Volvo, non-current production EC130C-EW230B
Volvo Articulated Haulers Volvo BM
Volvo Wheel Loaders Volvo BM
Volvo Akerman Excavators EC230-EC650
Volvo Excavators Volvo, non-current production EC280-EC650
Volvo Excavators Volvo, EC210-EC460, EC210B-EC460B
Volvo Wheeled Excavators Volvo, non-current production EW130-EW170/EW180
Volvo Wheeled Excavators Volvo B-series
Volvo Compact Excavators Volvo
Volvo Wheel Loaders L50E-L120E
Volvo Wheel Loaders L150C-L330C
Volvo Wheel Loaders L150E-L330E
Wheel Loaders Volvo L50C-L120C
Compact Wheel Loaders Volvo, Volvo Backhoe Loaders
Volvo Service Component Manuals
Volvo BM Old Products
Volvo Akerman Excavators EC130-EW200
Volvo Motor Graders

Additional Information:
In uncompressed form the program takes up about 12 GB for the convenience of installation of the database with all DVD already copied into the folder 40. If you want to record distribution on DVD: remove from the distribution folder "40" and distribute it on three disks.



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