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Animating and Drawing
4-Legged Animals
PDF created February 19, 2000
Author Unknown: Maybe Glen Keane
PDF provided by www.animationmeat.com
Animating Four Legged Creatures
The purpose of these notes
is to give a simple approach
to animating a four-footed
An animator should feel
confident in the character
he is animating. If not, his
work will lack strength and
He needs to feel "free" to
animate and not get
bogged down in complex
PDF provided by www.animationmeat.com
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Animation Approach
Keep the shapes simple when animating
3 basic solid masses
connected by a flexible spine.
Overlap shapes for Dimension
Note: Leg bones
parallel each other like
a folding chair.
PDF provided by www.animationmeat.com
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If you aren’t sure
how to draw an
attitude - draw it
using a simpler
2-legged character
Attitude is first , then put it on model
Let the Entire body reflect the attitude.
Follow rhythm from head to tail
PDF provided by www.animationmeat.com
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Comparative Anatomy
Note angle of thigh bones
of humans points inward...
But when we stand on
our toes the angle points
outward as the heels
point inward...
...Just as a dogs
Ribcage same shape/ Necks curve in
the opposite direction due to dog
having to hold head out.
Note tuck after ribcage.
(Cats tend not to have this "tuck")
PDF provided by www.animationmeat.com
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