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The Wave Series
by Laura Knight-Jadczyk
The Wave is a term used to describe a Macro-cosmic Quantum Wave Collapse
producing both a physical and a "metaphysical" change to the Earth's cosmic
environment theorized to be statistically probable sometime in the early 21st century.
This event is variously described by other sources as the planetary shift to 4th density,
shift of the ages, harvest etc., and is most often placed around the end of 2012. The
subject of The Wave begins with a UFO abduction account, a transcript of an actual
hypnotic regression session, that refers to a global cataclysmic change.
This series of articles, written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, demonstrates the unique nature
of the Cassiopaean Experiment. In her skillful collecting of the pieces of the puzzle from
throughout the transcripts, in-depth research, personal experiences, weaving them into a
finished product, Laura brings added depth and dimension to the original transmissions.
Laura presents what the Cassiopaeans - We are YOU in the future - have to say about
the eventuality of The Wave - FROM the future - including an exploration of the
limitations of man's present estate, in cognitive, biological, historical and ontological
Laura writes:
I began writing the Wave Series and other articles as a way of collecting excerpts
together in general subjects. As I did this, a truly extraordinary thing began to happen.
The Cassiopaean Experiment had resulted in transmissions from myself "in the future,"
and I realized that by doing the suggested research, by digging for the answers based on
the clues given me, I was BECOMING myself in the future - a cosmic self. I began to see
what I had been trying to convey to myself from this superconscious state. The years of
experimental work had created a new circuit wherin it was possible to simply ask a
question in my mind about the subject at hand, and the answer would flow through my
fingers onto the keyboard. I was often as amazed at what came out as anyone. I asked
the C's (myself in the future) about it in the September 23rd, 2000 session, and here
was what they said:
Q: I have to say that the writing of this series has been one of the most educational
projects I have ever undertaken. Because, in the writing, I have had to comb through the
transcripts and have had to explain it to other people and before I can do that, I have to
explain it to myself. It has become a profound mind expansion thing...
A: Good.
Q: It's almost as much fun to be learning the things I am having to assemble as if I were
reading it. And I'm the one writing it. It's really quite amazing.
A: In part you are.
I finally understood what the Cassiopaeans meant when they said:
Q: (L) Al-Arabi describes unified thought forms as being the 'names of God.' His
explication seems to be so identical to things you tell us that I wonder...
A: We are all the names of God. Remember, this is a conduit. This means that both
termination/origination points are of equal value, importance.
Q: (L) What do you mean? Does this mean that we are a part of this?
A: Yes. Don't deify us. And, be sure all others with which you communicate understand
this too!
Q: (L) What quality in us, what thing, enabled us to make contact. Because, obviously a
lot of people try and get garbage.
A: You asked.
Q: (L) A lot of people ask!
A: No they don't, they command.
Q: (L) Well, a lot of people do ask or beg or plead, but they get all discombobulated with
the answers.
A: No, they command. Think about it. You did not beg or plead... that is commanding.
Q: (AM) Take a deep breath and hold... [aura photo of L is taken] (L) [looking at aura
photo of self] This is very strange, guys. How come I am not in this picture and F shows
up in his? Why have I physically disappeared?
A: Learning builds spiritual growth, and awareness "solidifies" knowledge.
Q: (L) Okay, guys, smile for the camera! [Aura photo of board is taken with L's and F's
fingers on planchette.] (L) Okay, but that does not explain why I disappeared.
A: Because the energy field enclosure was unifying you with the conduit, as is usual
during channeling sessions between 3rd and 6th density level communications. ( audio
file ends her e)
Q: [Photo of board develops, and geometric figure appears to sounds of amazement from
group] (L) What is this geometric figure?
A: Was a visual representation of the conduit, indeed!!! The reason for such clear
luminescence is that thought centers were clear and open in you at the moment of the
photograph. In other words, there was an imbalance of energy coming from 6th density
transmission point. So, what you are viewing is 100 per cent pure light energy of
uncorrupted knowledge transmitted through you. This has never been seen in 3rd density
ever before. You do not completely realize the ramifications of this yet, but you will. We
have made history here tonight folks!!!!!
So it seems that, by this time, I was truly merging with "Myself in the Future" and I had
direct access to this awareness through my writing, showing me how to assemble and
edit the material together after I had made such a mess of it in the original question and
answer phase. It was as though the long period of working with the board had developed
a circuit that bypassed my conscious mind and worked directly through my hands.
For as God was the help of our reason to illuminate us, so should we likewise turn it
every way, that we may be more capable of understanding His mysteries; provided only
that the mind be enlargened, according to its capacity, to the grandeur of the mysteries,
and not the mysteries contracted to the narrowness of the mind.
Francis Bacon
The Wave Part I
Riding the Wave
The subject of The Wave has come up many times in the Cassiopaean
sessions and many people have written to me asking for more details
about this mysterious event that is suggested to be a part of our future
experiences. It is such a vast subject with so many references, that I have
put off dealing with it until now. But, the time is right, I think, to talk
about some of these things.
In one of the earliest contacts with the Cassiopaeans, being in the "test
mode," I tossed a rather general question out one night:
Q: (L) What is causing the earth changes?
A: Electromagnetic wave changes.
Q: (L) Can you be more specific?
A: Gap in surge heliographic field.
I didn't make too much of this answer because it was more or less
incomprehensible to me and we were not yet at the stage of recording the
sessions on tape, so I was pretty busy trying to keep notes of everything.
But, as we proceed, it will become very important, so remember it!
I next encountered the idea of some sort of strange "wave" in a hypnosis
session with an abductee. In order to place it in context, I think I should
tell the reader a little bit about the subject and her experiences so that
you can have a better foundation on which to evaluate what was said.
The subject was about 35 years old; the wife of a stockbroker, owner of
her own jewelry business, and mother to two girls. She had been born and
raised in Colorado in a Mormon family, but had left at an early age and
traveled to California to stay with a brother who worked in a jewelry store.
There, she also obtained employment in the same business and ended up
marrying the owner who subsequently died leaving her with a small child
and a large inheritance.
She moved with her second husband, the stockbroker, her child from her
first marriage, and a new baby to Florida. The object was to get away
from the unhappy memories of the loss of her first husband and start a
new life. The jewelry business she left in the care of her brother in
After her youngest child started school, the subject, (and we can call her
Maryann, though that is not her real name), became bored and decided to
go to work for the large brokerage that employed her husband. She took
an administrative position and settled into her "corporate" role with ease,
being very intelligent, charming and attractive.
At the same time, she began to attend a Metaphysical/Spiritualist church,
probably more out of curiosity than anything else, but soon became
deeply involved in the spiritualist beliefs and practices. At this point,
strange things began to happen, though she claimed that strange things
had happened to her all her life, she just had managed to suppress most
of it.
The first thing was that she kept encountering a man in the building where
she worked. He was employed by a firm on a different floor, so she only
saw him in the elevators, the parking lot, and the local eateries. But,
every time she did encounter him, she was conscious of a strange
electricity between them and it was not long before they were exchanging
brief pleasantries.
One night when she was leaving the building, her husband being away on
company business, she encountered the man and engaged in a short,
casual conversation. That would have been that except for the fact that he
walked her to her car and she discovered that her keys were locked
inside. The man "rescued" her by spending an hour or more getting the
door open, and then suggested that they needed to have a drink to
celebrate success. Not having to go home right away, and feeling
gratitude for such kindness, Maryann agreed to go next door to a pub for
a beer before going home.
At the pub they met another of Maryann's co-workers, and this lady joined
them. At the table, over their single glasses of beer, the subject turned to
metaphysical things, and then to Indian shamanic beliefs. The man said
he knew where there was a local Indian mound (there are a number of
them in this area) and that it was a place of great power. He offered to
show both ladies where it was. Feeling secure with a lady companion,
Maryann wanted to see this Indian mound, and they all went together in
the man's car. It was late and past dark, and when they arrived at the
location, a swampy, wooded area on the Gulf of Mexico, they all got out
and proceeded to hike through the underbrush to the purported Indian
At some point, the second woman was left behind and lost and something
happened to frighten Maryann, but afterward she couldn't say what it was,
only that she was very confused and demanded to be taken home. The
man cheerfully obliged, the located her friend wandering in the bushes,
and he took them back to their cars and off they went home. The only
problem was, when Maryann got home, it was almost midnight. She had
"lost" over three hours.
At that point her life began to fall apart. She was suddenly so emotional
and upset all the time that she couldn't stay on an even keel from one
minute to the next. She became obsessed with the man in the building,
and believed that he was her "soul mate" one minute, and that he was a
government spy the next. She felt that somehow she must find ways to be
with him. At the same time, her husband was in an auto accident with
another woman in the car and her marriage began to disintegrate. The
series of events becomes very complicated, and is not relevant to our
present subject, but it was at this point that I met her, at a Reiki
At that meeting many aspects of metaphysics were discussed and I
mentioned in passing that I was a hypnotherapist. Maryann looked at me
like a startled deer paralyzed by headlights and said: "God! Just what I
need! You have NO IDEA what I have been going through!"
She made an appointment and, after talking with her extensively, I
understood that she seemed to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder. Of course, my first suspicion was that she had been given some
kind of "date rape" drug by this man who took her to the Indian mound,
but after several hypnosis sessions, I began to think that something else
altogether had happened. It was clear that she had been "set up" in her
encounters with the man, and that he had been more or less "placed" in
her life for the very purpose of effecting an abduction by beings unknown.
It was in one of the sessions with Maryann that the subject of The Wave
was brought up. At this point in the session, the object was to investigate
a dream of Maryann's past that had been mentioned in a previous session
as important, and it is worthwhile to read this portion of the session in its
entirety to gain a better perspective on the subject. She and her second
husband, with their two girls, were on vacation in California and the
dream had occurred one night at a motel.
September 1, 1994.
Q: Okay, relax. (Countdown) I want you to go back to that point in
space/time, back in December 1993; you are somewhere in northern
California spending the night somewhere; you had a dream; in that dream
you seemed to be at some sort of meeting. What day was that in
A: I want to say the 28th.
Q: Where are you?
A: I'm in Northern California, right outside the redwood forest.
Q: Are you in a hotel or motel?
A: A Motel.
A: Do you remember the name of the motel?
A: Umm... I think it was Motel 8.
Q: Alright, you are getting ready to go to bed. Describe what you do.
A: The girls are fussing and we are getting them settled down.
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