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AC Schnitzer
MINI Family by AC Schnitzer.
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MINI Family by AC Schnitzer:
from elegant understatement
to high performance athlete.
The very name MINI suggests
successful retrodesign, elegant
understatement and of course
also sports handling. No other
car provides driving pleasure in
such a unique way as the MINI in
all its model variants.
zones. Subtly and with sophi-
sticated understatement in the
MINI Cooper. Or to the limits of
the technically achievable in the
MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper
S Clubman. The AC Schnitzer
engineers and designers have
implemented both philosophies
in a select range of special
accessories for the entire MINI
Dynamism across the generations:
AC Schnitzer offers special accessories for
the entire MINI family with all models of
generations R55, R56 and R57.
And AC Schnitzer would not be
AC Schnitzer if it didn‘t reine
this driving pleasure further, and
use technology from motorsport
to take it into new performance
MINI Cooper by AC Schnitzer:
the subtle side of
sporting elegance.
Harmonious overall concept: Performance upgrade, suspension components with lowering,
rear silencer and alloy wheels are perfectly matched in the MINI Cooper by AC Schnitzer.
Because body design is not just
an aesthetic end in itself, the
elegant front spoiler for the MINI
Cooper also combines striking
appearance with improved aero-
dynamics. And the performance
upgrade for the diesel power
plant in the MINI Cooper D cata-
pults the standard performance
up by almost a quarter to 136 HP.
With virtually unchanged fuel
consumption, this incredible
gain in driving pleasure is quite
compatible with an ecological
conscience. This athletic per-
formance is complemented
visually and acoustically by the
AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer
with chromed tailpipe, the Mi2
alloys in BiColor Finish and the
AC Schnitzer suspension kit.
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High performance brake system for the front axle of the
MINI Cooper S, consisting of: 2 pieces 4-pot fixed ca-
liper brakes, 2 slotted and internally vented brake discs
(328 x 28 mm), 4 pads, 2 brake lines und 2 holders
MINI Cooper S by AC Schnitzer:
Top level athlete of the latest ge-
Evolution takes its course.
With the R56 model series,
AC Schnitzer engineering has
also evolved. The aerodynamic
components of front spoiler and
rear skirt have gained contours,
the racing suspension is far
superior to the already excellent
standard components, and the
performance upgrade persuades
the turbo engine to deliver an
incredible 208 or even 226 HP
- depending on variant - and a
torque of up to 285 Nm. The op-
tional limited slip diff. adjustable
to 75% transfers the drive power
to the road perfectly in every
situation. AC Schnitzer alloy
wheels Mi2 in 18“ and the twin
sports rear silencer with chro-
med Racing tailpipe in central
position are further key points in
the training programme of this
extreme athlete.
Individuality by AC Schnitzer:
Perfectly illustrated by the alloy wheels Mi1 with polished rim and individually
painted star (small picture) and Mi2 in Bicolor Finish (large picture).
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Cooper S Clubman by AC Schnitzer:
Ultimate charisma with the drive for
high performance.
Charisma – some have it, others
have to work for it but will never
achieve it. There‘s no doubt to
which group the MINI Cooper S
Clubman belongs even in stand-
ard form. An ideal basis for
giving a decisive boost to the
drive for higher top performance.
sports rear silencer and 18“
wheels in Bicolor design,
AC Schnitzer takes the Cooper
S Clubman to the threshold of
motorsport. As would only be
expected from this embodiment
of charisma, it provides superb
control in every driving situation
while retaining the everyday
comfort levels of the standard
With striking aerodynamic com-
ponents, height-adjustable
racing suspension, the proven
performance upgrade, a twin
A classic in racing trim:
MINI Cooper S Clubman by AC Schnitzer
combines ref ined motorsport engineering
with everyday comfort levels and unique
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