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AC Schnitzer AC S1
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Full torsional rigidity: The AC Schnitzer
aluminium strut brace and the AC Schnitzer
engine styling.
The AC Schnitzer instrument cluster with
speedo display up to 300 km/h.
Top of the Compact Class.
With its avantgarde design
and superior engineering, the
1-series holds a commanding
lead in the compact class.
So perfecting and reining its
sporting ambitions further was
a welcome challenge for the
AC Schnitzer engineers.
accessories which systema-
tically apply the performance
concept from motorsport both
technologically and aestheti-
cally. The result totally redraws
the borders of individuality,
dynamism and exclusivity in the
compact class. With or without
M-Technik pack, as Coupé,
Cabrio or saloon - the 1-series
from Aachen takes the trophy
as the best in the class.
With enthusiasm and dedica-
tion, they have developed a
comprehensive range of special
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Overcome performance limits.
Small, black and full of electronics:
The AC Schnitzer performance upgrades
for the BMW 1-series perfectly harmonise
with the AC Schnitzer Sports rear silencer
of V2A with chromed tailpipes in Racing
The trend toward innovation
and individuality is unbroken in
the younger generation. 1-series
drivers set par ticularly high
standards here.
themselves: With an increase of
29-54 HP and torque igures up
to 520 Nm, the 1-series models
break into totally new areas of
automotive dynamics and driving
pleasure - while retaining the
excellent consumption igures.
And these standards have
easily been met by the Aachen
engineers with their perfor-
mance upgrades which are
specially customized for the
BMW 118d, 120d, 123d and
135i. The igures speak for
The AC Schnitzer Sports rear
silencer of V2A with chromed
tailpipe trims in Racing design
completes the driving pleasure
both visually and acoustically.
Resistance is useless:
With elegant rear spoiler,
accurate rear skirt and sports
silencers from AC Schnitzer
the rear will become an
aerodynamic optimized eye
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Performance is about more than
what‘s under the bonnet.
What good is the best per-
formance if it can‘t be safely
transferred to the loor? The
road is rather like the econo-
my; power alone won‘t bring
faster lap times.
Test & Tuning in a test of the
AC Schnitzer ACS1:
“... For the strong diesel 1-se-
ries, AC Schnitzer suspension
expert Manfred Wollgarten has
found the ideal compromise
between everyday comfort and
sports track set-up. ..”.
The optimum transfer of power
to the road is the real challenge.
A task which the AC Schnitzer
suspension specialists have
solved particularly well. So
well that even experienced
motoring journalists go into
raptures - such as in Auto Bild
After endless
test kilometres:
The AC Schnitzer sports suspension kits
with special springs and dampers are
subjected to extensive testing on the vehicle
This praise is well earned.
Because sports and racing
suspension kits with lowering,
special dampers, sports springs
and special antiroll bars for the
rear axle, are the end result of
an extensive test programme
on the North Loop of the
Nürburgring. Special effort is
especially well rewarded.
Full series functionality:
The AC Schnitzer sports mirrors are
aerodynamically shaped.
AC Schnitzer rear roof wing with optional braces,
Aerodynamics - a balance of
aesthetics and engineering.
Sporting body design is always
a matter of aerodynamics. So
aerodynamic components for
vehicles with or without factory-
itted M-Technik pack - such as
front skirt, side skirts, rear roof
wing and rear skirt - are not just
aesthetic accessories but make
a decisive contribution to balan-
ce between downforce and lift
on the front and rear axles.
important aspect. The generous
air intakes on the AC Schnitzer
front skirt improve the cooling
of brakes and oil circuit, and the
more striking appearance at the
same time increases overtaking
To further enhance appearance
and help reduce air resistance,
further highlights can be set
in the form of the door mirrors
and Chromeline set on the front
skirt and side skirts.
As well as this balance, air low
within the vehicle is another
Resistance is useless:
The striking AC Schnitzer front and rear
skirts pick up the styling lines of the series
with a sporting accent - enhanced overtaking
prestige included.
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