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AC Schnitzer ACS5
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Preventative strike against
mediocrity in any form.
Even in standard form, the BMW
X5 presents a truly imposing
appearance on our roads. The
X5 sets the standards in its
class in terms of design, tech-
nology and driving comfort. As
an exclusive off-road saloon, it
opens up totally new worlds of
automotive experience.
at home on and off the road,
they had to expand their nor-
mal tuning concept for off-road
Consequently the ACS5 from
AC Schnitzer has been tested in
extensive trials not only on the
North Loop of the Nürburgring,
on country roads and motor-
ways in everyday traffic, but
also on rough terrain. All com-
ponents from AC Schnitzer
successfully proved their high
functionality and unshakeable
To improve on such an almost
perfect vehicle presented a
totally new challenge to the
AC Schnitzer engineers, one
which they accepted with enthu-
siasm. As the ACS5 is equally
Perhaps it‘s the special enthusiasm which
links the countless race wins of the Schnitzer
brothers with the legendary innovation force
of AC Schnitzer products.
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The Nürburgring – known as the „Green Hell“ to generations of motorsport fans – is still the real
test track for the AC Schnitzer development engineers.
The concept of power
begins in the engine bay.
Traditionally we have paid par-
ticular attention to optimising
the power of BMW engines. So
for example we have developed
performance upgrades for the X5
with 3.0 diesel. Thus equipped,
the X5 3.0d after the AC Schnitzer
treatment achieves up to 186
kW (253 HP) and reaches a
maximum torque of 550 Nm.
The AC Schnitzer sports exhaust
system is the perfect match for
the new performance data both
aesthetically and acoustically.
Made of V2A special steel, it
directs some of the exhaust
gases downwards. Chromed tail-
pipe trims complete the sporting
More power for same fuel consumption:
The AC Schnitzer diesel power upgrades
improve the efficiency of the standard engine
with no significant increase in consumption.
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The suspension concept combines
driving dynamics with off-road fun.
To improve the driving dynamics
further while retaining the same
high level of comfort and off-
road ability, the AC Schnitzer
engineers developed a totally
new suspension concept for
the X5. During the development
phase, test drives were carried
out on land with varying terrain,
different gradients and innume-
rable camber angles.
The technical basis for the
X5 suspension concept is the
sports suspension which lowers
the body of the different vehicle
variants by around 30 mm. This
only imposes a minimum rest-
riction on the off-road ability - in
practice, rarely utilised - but in
return substantially improves
the driving dynamics and the
associated fun factor in all
other driving situations.
The AC Schnitzer sports suspension, specially
developed for the
X5, contributes
substantially to
the improved
driving dynamics
- both on and off
the road.
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The perfect synthesis of
aesthetics and functionality.
All AC Schnitzer components for the X5 must undergo extensive testing, partly under condi-
tions of changing terrain.
On the X5, the AC Schnitzer
aerodynamic component range
again combines extensive tech-
nical functionality with a high
aesthetic level. All AC Schnitzer
body components are made from
high quality PU-Rim and thus
guarantee an almost unsur-
passed precision of fit and form
stability. The front spoiler with
its sporting accents, the aero-
dynamically optimised rear roof
spoiler and the rear skirt with
its chromed trim - tailored to the
rear silencer of the AC Schnitzer
sports exhaust system - make
the X5 into an exclusive designer
piece. AC Schnitzer aerodynamic
components are available for all
model years.
Tailor-made: AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components - as front spoiler or rear roof spoiler -
are made exclusively from high quality PU-Rim. The result is optimum precision of fit.
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