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2006 BMW 3 Series Product Information Book
Product Information
3 Series
2006 3 Series
325i Sedan
325xi Sedan
330i Sedan
330xi Sedan
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The inside of the front cover is a
blank page. Please continue.
Table of contents
Quicker. Smarter. More
refined. New style, packed
with new technology. The
E90 3 Series concept,
pages 2-5.
Equally reflecting BMW’s
new design direction and
the 3 Series heritage, the
E90 strikes a perfect
esthetic balance. Exterior
& aerodynamics features,
pages 38-41.
The new 3’s space,
elegance and wide range
of luxury features are
described in ergonomics,
luxury & convenience
features, pages 42-53.
E90 3 Series concept
Page 2
The 3 Series tradition
3 Series models & key features
From the media
Performance & efficiency features
The 3 Series tradition
began with the 02 Series,
whose debut was in 1966.
(1974 2002 seen here.)
Four decades of evolution
have brought us to the
E90, which is all-new yet
faithful to its great
heritage. The 3 Series
tradition, pages 6-11.
Handling, ride & braking features
Exterior & aerodynamics features
Ergonomics, luxury & convenience features
Safety & security features
An even stronger body
structure, front and rear
Head Protection System
and newly engineered side-
impact airbags are among
the highlights of the new
3 Series’ safety & security
features, pages 54-59.
Options & accessories
Key dimensions
Standard & optional features summary
Technical specifications
Exterior & interior color combinations
Market outlook
The new 3 Series’ debut
rolls out four models.
Pages 12-15 summarize
each model’s key features
and highlights how they
differ from each other.
Early reports indicate a
hearty media reception
for the new 3. From the
media, pages 16-17.
Every new 3 Series model
offers exciting new tech-
nology, headlined by the
innovative NG6 engine.
Performance & efficiency
features, pages 18-29.
Exciting new options –
among them BMW’s
exclusive Active Steering,
shown here. Options &
accessories, pages 60-74.
Informative drawings with
key vehicle dimensions
lead off the section
containing the standard &
optional features summary
(pages 76-79), technical
specifications (pages
80-82) and exterior/interior
color combinations
(page 83).
Sprinting into the market,
the new 3 hits the ground
running. An overview of
the new 3 Series’ market
heritage, positioning,
competitive field and
customer demographics is
found in market outlook,
pages 84-93.
Some of the photos
and drawings appear-
ing in this Product
Information Book are
preliminary in nature.
Many photos and
drawings are of
European models.
Some information is
also preliminary and
subject to change.
All-new suspension under-
pins the new 3, taking it
beyond even its illustrious
predecessor in terms of
agility, stability and pure
driving pleasure. Handling,
ride & braking features,
pages 30-37.
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The new 3 Series: concept & overview
Quicker. Smarter. More refined.
Shown here is a 330i
(European version) with
Sport Package.
New technology and style.
The BMW 3 Series, as just about
everyone who cares about cars
knows, is an icon. It’s an icon for
many reasons: its style, its quality, its
unique combination of performance,
practicality and European luxury in
a compact package.
Yet above all, the 3 Series’ undisputed
status as an icon stems from how it
drives . For decades, BMW has
essentially owned the whole concept
of agility; the 3 Series has always
been remarkably agile and pleasur-
able to drive without compromising
comfort and everyday practicality
and usability, and no one else quite
knew how to match this constellation
of attributes.
The new 3 Series, appearing first as the E90
Sedans, builds on this core concept with –
An all-new design that perfectly blends
3 Series character and tradition with progres-
sive esthetics and enhanced functionality.
All-new engines that retain the unique
smoothness and sound of BMW’s inline
6-cylinder format while offering more power,
more torque, even more refined delivery of
power, and new technology so exciting that
it’s a complete story in itself.
All-new suspension that combines the
refined road manners of larger, more costly
BMWs with the agility of the more compact
3 Series…plus innovations in steering,
brakes and stability systems as well.
Greater body rigidity , more efficient
aerodynamics and even more effective
management of crash forces.
More space for rear passengers and cargo.
Greater luxury and convenience , including
numerous features previously offered only
in the 5, 6 and 7 Series.
New safety features , including rear Head
Protection for the first time in the 3 Series
(front HPS has always been standard in
E46 3 Series Sedans).
As the first models of the 5th-generation
3 Series, the E90 325i and 330i Sedans enter
production in March 2005 as 2006 models.
The 325xi and 330xi all-wheel-drive Sedans
(which are also covered in this Product Infor-
mation Book) and E91 Sports Wagons follow
in September ’05. Still later, E92 Coupes and
E93 Convertibles will make their debut.
New through and through, yet
firmly grounded in 3 Series
From their low, wind-slicing front end through
upswept side character line and beltline to a
high trunklid that enhances aerodynamics
and cargo space, the ’06 3 Series Sedans are
the logical progression from their E46 prede-
cessors. Not only does the first glance tell
you that this is a BMW; it also tells you that
this is a 3 Series.
Incrementally larger and roomier,
yet still truly compact
Compared to their predecessors, the new
3 Series Sedans grow in nearly every dimension.
Wheelbase is up by 1.4 inches; length is 2.2
in. greater than before; width is up by fully
3 in.; and the new models are 0.8 in. taller.
These gains in exterior dimensions pay off in
greater passenger and cargo room: shoulder
room (+1.0 in. front/0.9 in. rear); head room
(+0.4 in. front); rear knee room (+0.8 in.);
interior volume (+6.1%) and trunk space
(+12.1%). But there’s no hint that the 3 Series
is abandoning its tradition of compact exterior
dimensions (see nearby table), and despite
extensive new content, weight is up less than
100 lb. on most versions (data for all-wheel-
drive models are preliminary).
3 Series Sedan, 2006 vs. 2005:
Key dimensions & weights
2005 (E46)
2006 (E90)
Wheelbase, in.
Track, front/rear, in. (standard wheels)
Length, in.
Width, in.
Height, in. (without Sport Package)
Weight, lb.:
325i with automatic transmission
330i with automatic transmission
Weight distribution, front/rear, %:
325i with automatic transmission
330i with automatic transmission
Shoulder room, front/rear, in.
Head room with moonroof, front/rear, in.
Leg room, front/rear, in.
Rear knee room, in. (see page 44)
EPA passenger-compartment volume, cu ft.
93 2
EPA cargo volume, cu ft.
10.7 1
12 1, 2
1 – Can be expanded via available folding rear seats.
2 – Current EPA measurements are rounded off to nearest whole number.
Incremental increases in
exterior dimensions
translate into more usable
space, primarily in shoulder
room, rear knee room and
cargo volume.
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