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Flash MX Savvy
Ethan Watrall | Norbert Herber
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About the Authors
Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Ethan Watrall completed his bachelor's degree with
distinction at the University of Regina, with a double major in anthropology and history.
While an undergraduate, he participated in many archaeological excavations in Saskatchewan,
Manitoba, and Indiana.
After graduation, Ethan was accepted into the Ph.D. program in anthropology at Indiana
University. There, he has directed his academic energies toward two main subjects. The first,
which represents a culmination of years of archaeological experience, is household craft
production in Predynastic Egypt. He has worked at both Nabta Playa (an extremely large
Neolithic habitation site in the Egyptian Western Desert) and Hierakonpolis (arguably the
most important extant Predynastic site in all of Egypt), where he has excavated such cool
things as prehistoric wells, clay mines, households, animal enclosures, pottery kilns, and
cemeteries. His current research at the HK11 locality, a Late Predynastic village at
Hierakonpolis, has consistently yielded information that challenges and greatly expands the
current understanding of Predynastic Egyptian households.
The second subject that Ethan has focused on is the place of interactive media in archaeology.
Whether from the standpoint of an educational tool, a method for scholarly publication, or
simply an issue deserving academic discussion, Ethan has dedicated himself to expanding the
dialog surrounding interactive media and archaeology. He is particularly interested in the role
that interactive entertainment plays in the public perception of archaeology-a topic on which
he has published and delivered papers targeted to both professional archaeologists and
professional game designers. Not content to simply comment on the situation, Ethan preaches
active involvement on the part of academics in the interactive entertainment industry.
Beyond academia, Ethan is also an active practitioner of interactive media. He is a faculty
member at both Ivy Tech State University, Columbus (Indiana), and Ivy Tech State College,
Bloomington (Indiana), where he teaches classes in interactive design and multimedia.
Ethan's first book, Dreamweaver 4/Fireworks 4 Visual JumpStart , was published by Sybex,
Inc., in February 2001 and has been translated into Chinese and Greek. He is also writing his
third book, Dreamweaver MX: Design and Technique , which will be published by Sybex in
the summer of 2002.
Ethan's digital alter ego can be found hanging out at .
Norbert Herber grew up in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. At 16, he began his musical
career as a jazz saxophonist, trading sets with the swing tenor legend Irv Williams. After
cutting his teeth in the Twin Cities, he entered the Indiana University School of Music,
Bloomington. Here, he continued his studies of jazz with David Baker, pursuing interests in
improvisation, arranging, music theory, woodwinds, and composition.
After graduation, Norbert worked as a freelance musician and arranger while founding his
own group, the x-tet , and writing a score for the short film Jambalaya . His musical interests
soon merged with digital media. Yearning to explore the relationships between sound, text,
imagery, and storytelling, he returned to Indiana University for graduate work in the MIME
program in the Department of Telecommunications. Here, he began an intense, concentrated
study of electronic music, film scoring, sound design, and interactive musical composition.
Currently, Norbert is pursuing several interactive, digital media projects, including Word Is
Virus , a sonic exploration of the writings and techniques of William S. Burroughs. His
interests are centered around the use of audio in interactive environments, nonlinear music
composition, and the effects of the sound-picture relationship in both linear and nonlinear
media. Norbert is an instructor at the International Academy of Design and Technology in
Chicago, where he teaches classes in multimedia development and scripting, interactive
design, and digital audio.
For information on Norbert's current and past projects, visit .
To Taylor, with the hope that someday she'll write books far better than this one.
This book goes out to Jenny. Your patience, love, and understanding made this possible.
As with any book-especially one of this size-there are quite a number of people who deserve
thanks for their help in bringing this project to fruition. First and foremost, I must extend my
thanks to my friend, coauthor, and partner in many digital shenanigans: Norb Herber. A hefty
book (covering an application of Flash MX's complexity) in which two authors share writing
duties is an undertaking rife with possibilities for disaster. Instead, we managed to create a
book with some serious neckwear punch. Here's to many more fruitful collaborations! To all
those who graciously gave permission to use their work as Inspirational Design Models or in
the Color section (there are way too many folks to list by name-they know who they are), I
offer my profound thanks. I especially want to thank Joost van Schaik and Brian Taylor,
whose contributions and help were above and beyond the call of duty. On a more personal
level, as always I want to express my profound love and gratitude to Jenn. She graciously put
up with my lunacy and long hours on the computer during the year that this book was being
written, rewritten, revised, re-revised, and so on, and so on. Thanks also to both Mom and
Dad and my good friend Neil Birch for their support during this project. Finally, a special
thank-you (and a good tummy rub) to my dog, Oscar; nothing brings you down to earth like a
puppy who wants nothing more in life than to play. Lastly, my sincere apologies to anyone
whom I managed to forget. Thanks, everybody!
Ethan Watrall
Not only was this book a team effort by two authors, but each of us had our own "support
staff" to help us through many late nights with the digital quill and ink. For starters, I extend
my thanks to Bill Frisell, Miles Davis, James Brown, and many others for providing the
musical catalyst that inspired much of this text. Thanks also to Peet's Coffee and Tea for the
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