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Pattern Pieces
1 Front and Back Piece 2x
2 Fringes
Copy Paper with DinA4 Print:
The pattern pieces are printed with a narrow border onto 20 pages. Wait until all pages are printed. Arrange
the pages as depicted in the page with instructions on how to put the pages together.
Cut the pages at the upper right edge along the narrow border. Start with the lower left page and glue the
pieces together at the border lines.
Choose the size of the pattern according to the Burda measurement chart. The sizes for dresses, Blouses,
Jackets and Coats are determined by the bust measurement, the sizes for pants and skirts are determined by
the hip measurement.
Adjust, if necessary, if your measurements differ from the Burda measurement chart.
Cut the pattern pieces for your size.
Cutting out
Fabric Fold (-----) means : This is the middle of a pattern pieces, not an edge or a seam. The piece is cut
twice the size of the pattern; the fabric fold is the middle axis of the piece.
The pattern pieces with interrupted outlines are placed onto the fabric with the printed side facing down.
The cutting plans show how to arrange the pattern pieces on the fabric.
18819527.003.png 18819527.004.png 18819527.005.png 18819527.006.png
If fabric is not folded, pin the pattern pieces on the right side.
If fabric is folded, the right side is facing inside. Pin pattern pieces onto the wrong side.
Cut the pieces that are placed over the selvage in the copy paper last, with the fabric not folded.
Cutting the Fringes:
Lengthen the strips for the fringes; in other words, draw part 2 onto the fabric until they add up to the total
length for your size. Cut pieces.
Seam and Hem Allowances are included in the pattern:
1.5 cm (5/8 inch) for all edges and seams.
With Burda copy paper, transfer the lines and marking on the pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric.
Instructions are included in the package.
Back Middle Seam
1.) Place Bolero pieces onto each
other, right sides facing, stitch back
middle seam. Iron seam allowances
in one direction. Trim the lower
seam allowance. Fold over and pin
the upper allowances and stitch
neatly (1a).
Side and Lower Sleeve Seams
2.) Fold bolero at the marked shoulder,
right side inside. Stitch side and
lower sleeve seams (seam number
4). Trim seam allowances and de-
baste them held together. Iron to
one side.
⇒Mark seam allowances (1.5 cm or 5/8
inch) with basting stitches at the outer
jacket edge.
3.) Fold strips for fringes lengthwise,
iron the wrong side inside.
4.) Pin the selvage of the fringe strips
to the marked line of the outer
jacket edge and stitch with small,
narrow zigzag stitches. Fringe the
strips. Cut the seam allowances of
the jacket (4a).
Pin fringe strips onto the lower sleeve
edges in the same fashion and fringe them.
Pleats/ Lower Sleeve Edges
5.) Fold sleeves, right side inside.
Stitch other pleat lines onto each
other until you
Reach the pleat arrow. Secure seam
Iron pleat as with inverted pleats. Pin pleat
and stitch at the fringe stitching line (5a).
18819527.001.png 18819527.002.png
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